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Last week, Page 2 opened the first round of its "Are You Hot?" contest with a look at the 16 hottest males in the sports world.

Now we move on to the event that the majority of our readers are eagerly anticipating -- the poll to determine the hottest female athlete.

Check out our 16 nominees and vote in the poll at right to pick the winner. And there's one important caveat (so hold off on your e-mails!): We've removed Anna Kournikova from consideration because she easily won this poll the last time we did it back in February 2001.

So, we're retiring Anna's jersey, hanging it up in the rafters ... and asking you to crown a new favorite.

Sue Bird,
Seattle Storm
Daniela Hantuchova,
Sue Bird
Daniela Hantuchova
Jennie Finch,
Serena Williams,
Jennie Finch
Serena Williams
Jamie Salé,
Figure skating
Katarina Witt,
Figure skating
Jamie Salé
Katarina Witt
Mia Hamm,
Washington Freedom
Heather Mitts,
Philadelphia Charge
Mia Hamm
Heather Mitts
Dara Torres,
Amy Acuff,
Track and field
Dara Torres
Amy Acuff
Logan Tom,
Anni Friesinger,
Speed skating
Logan Tom
Anni Friesinger
Marion Jones,
Track and field
Gabrielle Reece,
Marion Jones
Gabrielle Reece
Carin Koch,
Jennifer Azzi,
Utah Starzz
Carin Koch
Jennifer Azzi


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