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The second episode of "Are You Hot?" aired on ABC Thursday night, and Page 2 is aghast ... that someone thought of that kind of crap before we did.

In the tradition of Picasso, who said, "A genius can steal anything he needs," Page 2, in a desperate attempt to catch up, presents 16 of the hottest male sports personalities on the planet. Vote for your favorite, and stay tuned for Episode II next week, when we offer up 16 of the hottest female athletes.

Now ... meet our 16 contestants.


Alex Rodriguez,
Texas Rangers

Derek Jeter,
N.Y. Yankees

Tiki Barber,
N.Y. Giants

Jon Gruden,
T.B. Buccaneers

Barry Zito,
Oakland A's

Jason Taylor,
Miami Dolphins

Tony Gonzalez,
K.C. Chiefs

Oscar de la Hoya,

Andy Roddick,

Landon Donovan,
S.J. Earthquakes

Kobe Bryant ,
L.A. Lakers

Ray Allen,
Milwaukee Bucks

Chris Webber,
Sacramento Kings

Rick Fox,
L.A. Lakers

Jose Theodore,
Montreal Canadiens

Eddie George,
Tennessee Titans

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