Tell Cosmo: Sports stars' sexy secrets
By Patrick Hruby
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In the current issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington appears in a "Hottest Hunks in the U.S." feature and confesses that "touching a woman's face and putting my face against hers" excites him. Harrington also reveals that "Soft cheeks are so appealing."

After an exhaustive investigation -- read: we made it up -- Page 2 has learned that Harrington isn't the only athlete Cosmo talked to. What did some other sports luminaries have to say about what they find attractive in women? Read on:

"When a special lady saddles up to your bumper, there's no other feeling like it. And if she's wearing a police uniform ... damn."
-- Randy Moss

"Truthfully? I'm not picky."
-- Shawn Kemp

"Loyalty means a lot to me. I want a woman who's faithful. Someone who won't flirt with your buddies."
-- Tim Couch

"I think the Cars said it best: There's nothing like your best friend's girl."
-- Cade McNown

Chuck Finley
But don't play Whitesnake around Chuck Finley.
"The smell of hairspray. Blue mascara on your shirt. A stiletto heel, pressing softy against your instep. I mean, what more could you ask for?"
-- Chuck Finley

"A nibble on the earlobe drives me wild."
-- Mike Tyson

"Kicking back on the couch and watching a good movie, like say 'American Beauty.' "
-- Mark Chmura

"Handwritten notes are pretty romantic, but what really puts me in the mood is cuddling up on the couch, sharing some popcorn and popping in a copy of 'Love Stinks.' That's what I'm talking about!"
-- Pete Sampras

"Girls who dig props. I'll leave the rest to your imagination."
-- Terrell Owens

"When a woman shows her emotional side, that's a big turn-on. Especially if she's crying."
-- Kordell Stewart

Deion Sanders
Enough about me, let's talk about Deion.
"Sometimes when I'm looking in the mirror, I catch her looking, too. Sends chills down my spine."
-- Deion Sanders

"Humans are best, but there's something to be said for Vulcans and Romulans as well. And those green women in the Gamma Quadrant? Watch out."
-- Kurt Warner

"Straight A's and a high SAT score. Brains are sexy, man."
-- Kobe Bryant

"Great legs and a better forehand."
-- Andre Agassi

"She's gotta enjoy sailing, the ocean, moonlit nights on the deck. And if she wants to call me 'Captain,' so much the better."
-- Latrell Sprewell

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren
Tiger Woods asks that his girlfriends have specialized career backgrounds.
"Girls who are good around children. And bikinis."
-- Tiger Woods

"My friend, there is nothing so sexy as a woman who is angry. Perhaps she is even throwing things."
-- Marat Safin

"Having her touch my face and put her face against it excites me. Taut, reconstructed cheeks are so appealing. Don't you think?"
-- Jerry Jones

"I like quiet types."
-- Michael Jordan

Patrick Hruby is a sportswriter for the Washington Times. You can reach him at

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