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The List: The groupiest
From the Page 2 mailbag

On Tuesday, Page 2 ran its list of the top celebrity groupies in the sports world. We asked for your take and you filled our mailbag with plenty of opinions.

Here's how the Page 2 staff ranked the top sports groupies:

1. Spike Lee
2. Toni Braxton
3. Charlie Sheen
4. George W. Bush
5. Rudy Giuliani
6. Jack Nicholson
7. Madonna
8 (tie). Huey Lewis and Hootie
10. Bill Murray

Here's how Page 2 readers ranked the top groupies in the sports world (with the best reader arguments for each):

1. Billy Crystal
All 10 choices on Page 2's list seem to be sports fans when it appears fashionable. One man transcends this showmanship. One man can do a dead-on impersonation of Muhammad Ali. And for God's sake, one man regularly attends Los Angeles Clippers home games. Yes, Billy Crystal should indeed be the model sports fan for the young generation. -- Adam Holdt of Evanston, Ill.

2. Bill Murray
Avid golfer, loves his Chicago teams with beautiful reckless abandon. -- Jeff Smerek of Seattle

3. Jimmy Buffet
When the most laid-back man in music gets snippy with the refs, that's a fan. -- Aaron D. Joyce of Miami

4. Ashley Judd
She once turned down a chance to present at the Oscars because it could possibly conflict with a Kentucky game in the NCAA Tourney. And then there's her willingness to pose in just a UK shirt for a hockey schedule poster one year.
-- Tom Haddad of Pittsburgh

5. Spike Lee
Probably the only fan to receive continuous hatred from the opposing teams.
-- Loren Ferguson of University Park, Pa.

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