The List: Worst Super Bowl performances
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Earlier this week, we recalled the top 10 performances in Super Bowl history. Since Page 2 has a mean streak, we now give you the list of the worst Super Bowl performances. Check the list and then vote in the poll at right.

1. Tony Eason, Patriots, Super Bowl XX
Let's put it this way: the Fridge had a better day on offense than Eason. The Bears' vaunted "46" defense forced Eason into the worst game ever by a starting quarterback, so bad that Eason completed as many passes in a Super Bowl game as the Page 2 staff: zero. By the time he was replaced by Steve Grogan in the second quarter, Eason was 0-for-6, had fumbled once and been sacked three times. The Bears cruised to a 46-10 win.

Tony Eason
Congratulations! You have completed as many passes in a Super Bowl as Tony Eason.
2. Craig Morton, Broncos, Super Bowl XII
This was a bigger nightmare for Morton than when he used to alternate plays with Roger Staubach as Cowboys' QB. Facing his old teammate, Morton completed as many passes -- four -- as he had intercepted. He finished 4-for-15 for 39 yards and was replaced by the immortal Norris Weese in a 27-10 loss.

3. Thurman Thomas, Bills, Super Bowl XXVI
Before the game, Thomas had complained that he didn't receive enough respect or attention even though he had just been named the NFL's Most Valuable Player. Thomas then couldn't find his helmet on Buffalo's first series of the game and proceeded to rush for 13 yards on 10 carries as the Redskins beat the Bills 37-24.

4. Eugene Robinson, Falcons, Super Bowl XXXIII
The night before the Super Bowl, the Falcons' starting safey -- known for his community work and deep religious faith -- was arrested on a charge of soliciting an undercover police officer for oral sex. Coach Dan Reeves started Robinson anyway, but Robinson got burned twice deep, including an 80-yard touchdown to Rod Smith that put Denver in control 17-3, on way to a 34-19 win.

5. Earl Morrall, Colts, Super Bowl III
With Johnny Unitas missing most of the year with an elbow injury, Morrall became the Colts' starting QB -- and won MVP honors. But he was anything but MVP in this game. In fact, it was his poor performance -- 6-for-17 for 71 yards and three interceptions -- as much as Joe Namath's passing that allowed Broadway Joe's prediction to come true as the Jets pulled off the upset, 16-7.

6. John Elway, Broncos, Super Bowl XXIV
Before he became a Legend, he was the '80s version of Fran Tarkenton. Elway dropped to 0-3 in Super Bowl action in a humiliating 55-10 defeat to the 49ers. He completed just 10 of 26 passes for a meager 108 yards, was intercepted twice and fumbled twice.

7. Kerry Collins, Giants, Super Bowl XXXV
Sure, Baltimore's defense was fearsome, but Collins looked lost in this one. He was 15-for-39 for 112 and four interceptions (including one returned for a touchdown).

8. David Woodley, Dolphins, Super Bowl XVII
Woodley was, without a doubt, the worst QB ever to start a Super Bowl (48 career TDs, 63 career INT) and he played like it in Miami's 27-17 loss to Washington. He completed just four of 14 passes for 97 yards -- and 76 of those came on a first-quarter touchdown to Jimmy Cefalo -- and was eventually replaced by Don Strock.

9. Neil O'Donnell, Steelers, Super Bowl XXX
O'Donnell's final numbers were bad enough -- 28-for-49 for 239 yards (a ridiculous 4.8 yards per attempt) -- but it was the worst throw in Super Bowl history that earned him a spot on this list. The Steelers trailed the Cowboys 13-7 midway through the third quarter when Dallas' Larry Brown intercepted an O'Donnell pass that wasn't within 10 yards of the nearest Steelers receiver. Brown's pick helped set up a TD and Dallas went on to a 27-17 victory.

10. Jim Kelly, Bills, Super Bowl XXVI
Buffalo's no-huddle offense produced the only Super Bowl with two of the worst performances. Kelly tossed up a whopping 58 passes, but completed just 28 for 275 yards. Even more damaging, he threw four picks and fumbled three times.

Also receiving votes

  • Billy Kilmer, Redskins, Super Bowl VII (14-28, 104 yards, 3 INT)
  • Fran Tarkenton, Vikings, Super Bowl IX (11-26, 102 yards, 3 INT)
  • Joe Theismann, Redskins, Super Bowl XVIII (16-35, 243 yards, 2 INT, including the worse flare pass in Super Bowl history)
  • Scott Norwood, Bills, Super XXV (sorry)
  • Thurman Thomas, Super Bowl XXVII (11 carries, 19 yards)


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