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Drop 'em
From the Page 2 mailbag

Last week's Page 2 Mystery Photo caught New Jersey Devils winger Petr Sykora with his pants down at practice.

Petr Sykora

Here are some of the best caption suggestions from Page 2 readers.

Damn it! This garter will not stay up! It worked for Tim Robbins in "Bull Durham." Why not me?
Scott Barbeau
St. Ann, Mo.

Petr Sykora struggles with the embarrasing aftermath of being juked out of his jockstrap.
John Almy

Apparently nature called Petr with a bullhorn.
Westminster, Colo.

That puck has to be in here somewhere.
Steve Joyner
Jacksonville, Fla.

Think we can sell out if we all skate bottomless?
Joe Sangine

Apparently, he's been reading "The Steve Lyons' Guide to Public Undressing."
Danville, Calif.

Just call it Nude Jersey. First, Kevin Bannon makes Rutgers players shoot free throws naked, and now Larry Robinson institutes pants-down punishment at Devils practice.
Josh Saypol
Piscataway, N.J.

"If somebody's offering $2 million for a picture of Ichiro, maybe I can get a couple grand for this."
Matt Hueting
Frederick, Md.

Hey, I heard they're having a casting call for Slap Shot II!
Jason Bjalek
Edmonton, Alberta

Two minutes for stripping.
Gary S.
Voorhees, N.J.

Man, I didn't really mean it when I said I'd do anything for some more playing time.

Sykora preparing for "Lord of the Frozen River-Dance," appearing off-off-off parkway at the Meadowlands.
Seneca, S.C.

Tom Green never had his bum on the half boards ...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ...Trey Wingo .. .ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...
Scott Kerley
Charlotte, N.C.

New Jersey: state of undress.
Patrick Robles
San Diego, Calif.

Petr Sykora shows all you children why you should never put your bare body parts against frozen metal. Even if your friends "double dog dare you."
Matt Medlock
Memphis, Tenn.

Underwear before pants. Always underwear before pants.
John Haugen
University City, Mo.

Asked about his new choice in undergarments, Sykora declared, "Hey, it worked for Namath!"
Lance Larcom
Canton, Pa.

The Devils made me do it!
Mike Woytek
East Springfield, Pa.

Petr Sykora wants to know just how much an NHL ref will allow in a third period.
Gerry McGlinn
Philadelphia, Pa.

And finally, here is what the actual Associated Press photo caption stated: New Jersey Devils' Petr Sykora drops his pants to adjust his knee brace during the Devils practice on April 27, 2001, at the Medowlands in East Rutherford, N.J.

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