Purdue Boilermakers football uniforms
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Countering a 1990s trend of black uniforms, Purdue on Wednesday unveiled a new look that ditched black in favor of gold as the dominant color of its football team's uniforms for the 2002 season.

"Ever since I have been back at Purdue, we have been trying to get our fans to wear gold to help create a more festive atmosphere in Ross-Ade (Stadium)," Boilermakers head coach Joe Tiller said of the new gold home jerseys.

Page 2 wants to find out which of these Boilermakers uniforms you believe looks the best. Check out the new uniforms and the old ones below and register your opinion by voting in the poll at right.

New Boilermakers
home uniform
Old Boilermakers
home uniform
Shaun Phillips
Brandon Hance

New Boilermakers
road uniform
Old Boilermakers
road uniform
Taylor Stubblefield
Kyle Orton


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