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Tim Hasselbeck

Page 2 staff

The Buffalo Bills have a new former Boston College quarterback on their roster, but Tim Hasselbeck isn't playing in Doug Flutie's shadow anymore. He's better known as being engaged to a contestant on CBS's "Survivor: The Australian Outback."

Tim Hasselbeck
Tim Hasselbeck completed his career at Boston College and signed as a free agent with the Bills.
So, Page 2 asked Hasselbeck, 10 burning questions that others wouldn't dare to ask.

1. Page 2: What would you rather see happen, have your fiancée, Elisabeth Filarski, win "Survivor" or your brother, Matt, win the Super Bowl with the Seahawks?
Hasselbeck: I gotta go with Elisabeth. I mean, we're going to be married someday, and she'd be a millionaire! I'm not reaping any benefits from my brother winning the Super Bowl.

2. How does it feel to see David Letterman hitting on your fiancée?
Hasselbeck: Actually, that was a planned mission. Elisabeth was just trying to make history and get in the chair, since none of the other contestants had made it there.

3. Elisabeth's hair was falling out on "Survivor." What would you do if your hair fell out?
Mark Messier
Mark Messier
Hasselbeck: Well, I'm about a year away from being completely bald. My older brother's bald now, so I know it's coming. I'm going to go all natural, the Bruce Willis/Mark Messier look. Keep it clean and low and bald.

4. How has being on the show changed her?
Hasselbeck: It's made her more conscious of things when she goes out. For instance, if she goes on a run, she might ask someone to go with her. You never know, she might have a stalker already. There are a lot of psychos out there.

5. Did you try to get Elisabeth to tell you who won?
Elisabeth Filarski keeps a wary eye out for stalkers and other psychos.
Hasselbeck: I didn't know anything more than the next guy. You know, I had so much respect for what they went through, not just the contestants but the producers, camera crew, everybody. I didn't want to take it down.

5a. What's the most creative way people tried to get the winner out of you?
Hasselbeck: People didn't care so much about the winner, but they wanted to know how Elisabeth did. They would ask where she was on a Thursday, to see if she'd be in New York. There were also 40-year-old men sending their 6-year-old daughters up to Elisabeth to ask her who she liked least, trying to figure something out from that.

6. Are you known today as "Elisabeth from Survivor's boyfriend"? Did she used to be known as the quarterback's girlfriend?
Hasselbeck: Those days are long gone. I am definitely second-place in the popularity category now. It hasn't gotten annoying yet, though. Up to this point it's been a lot of fun.

7. Your dad's a former Patriot and, of course, your brother plays for the Seahawks. Who plays quarterback in family games of touch football?
Matt Hasselbeck
Brotherly love for Matt Hasselbeck only goes so far for Tim.
Hasselbeck: My mom or my little brother. The rest of us are stuck being wide receivers.

8. Why is the football such an odd shape?
Hasselbeck: Because the center has to be able to fit it between his legs for the quarterback to grab.

9. Most annoying sports cliché?
Hasselbeck: Someone saying that they gave 110 percent. It's impossible. You can't give what you don't have.

10. What's worse, winter in Buffalo or being trapped in the Australian Outback?
Hasselbeck: Is Jerri with me in the Outback? If so, the Outback is definitely worse.

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