Bias breakdown: Region-by-region
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

All week long, you've been hearing arguments for and against the myth (or is it reality?) of the East Coast Bias. Now, Page 2 expands the debate to four regions -- East, South, Midwest, West -- in an all-out war for cultural supremacy.

Category East South Midwest West P2 Bias
Fast-food joint Dunkin' Donuts Hardee's White Castle In-N-Out Burger W, best f-f in world
Pin-up Gal
Jennifer Lopez

Ashley Judd

Cindy Crawford

Jennifer Aniston
S, and it's not close
Weather forecast Too rainy Too hot Too cold Just right W, change of seasons overrated
Game attendance Show up and boo Show up after tailgate Show up way early Show up way late MW, with true fans
Hip-hop icon Jay-Z Bonecrusher Nelly Snoop Dogg W, fo' shizzle
Dept. Store Macy's Dillards Marshall Fields Nordstrom MW, the genre's original



MW, with cow still mooing
Hang-up "We're not all neurotic" "We're not all backward" "We're not all hokey" "We're not all touched up" E, says our therapist
Weekend sports activity Navel gazing NASCAR Bowling Outdoors anything S, coming to your region soon
TV archetype Friends Andy Griffith Roseanne L.A. Law S, go Mayberry!
Crime Stock market Bribery Real estate Adultery W, seems like more fun
Athlete sightings



E, and we can pay w/Visa
Celeb sightings Sex & City women John Grisham Oprah Larry David MW, beat Dr. Phil sighting
Formerly hip city Boston Atlanta Chicago Seattle W, '90s uber-cool city
Rising hip city Baltimore New Orleans Detroit San Diego MW, for Eminem, Ford Field
Political problems Gridlock Identity crisis Machines Recalls E, thanks to "K Street"
NCAA Tourney 2004 site E. Rutherford, N.J. Atlanta St. Louis Phoenix S, is Gold Club open late?
Stereotyped attitude Snobby Xenophobic Overly friendly Superficial E, obviously
Regional super-sport Lacrosse Truck racing Badminton Great Outdoor Games MW, we could have lettered in HS
Movie stereotype Wall Street Deliverance Hoosiers Singles MW, can't beat HS hoops
Announcer Chris Berman Keith Jackson Bob Costas Lisa Guerrero W, nothing against the others of course
Spring break destination Ocean City Panama City South Padre Island Univ. of Arizona Four-way tie

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.



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