What was David Horton thinking?
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What the heck was David Horton, who was wanted on drug charges and a parole violation charge, thinking when he was caught kissing his girlfriend by the "Kiss-Cam" camera at a Cincinnati Reds' game, and shown on the Great American Ballpark scoreboard? (His parole officer was also at the game and had Horton arrested immediately.)

David Horton
They have a similar program in prison, except there are no cameras and David won't like it as much.
A. "If I'm going to jail over this, the least she could do is let me get to second base."

B. "This smooching will be good practice for when I'm reunited with my old cellmate."

C. "The Reds still charge people to watch these games, and I'm the one being treated like a criminal???"

D. "What, she wasn't 18?"

E. "Yeah, like I'm the only person in this ballpark wanted on drug charges and parole violation."

F. "Screw my parole officer. What's my wife going to think?"


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