What was Lawrence Taylor thinking?
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Here at Page 2, we like to think we know everything.

Lawrence Taylor
It's good to know LT didn't just rely on his talent -- he always had a game plan, too.
Actually, that's what we want you to think: that we know everything.

Truth is, there are a few things even we can't figure out. When it comes to the truly bizarre and freakish developments that happen with so much regularity in the world of sports and popular culture, we need your help.

Like now, for example. We've tried to fathom what some very prominent people might have been thinking when they did the things they did or said the things they said. And we can't. Best we can do is come up with some plausible possibilities.

Now it's up to you. Check out the options for each questionable act or quote, and vote in the poll to move on to yet another beyond-belief story.

What the heck was Lawrence Taylor thinking when he wrote in his new book, 'L.T.: Over the Edge," that he used to send call girls to opposing players the night before games in order to tire them out?

A. "And, you know, today's players have it so easy. Now they send hookers and Viagra to the other team's guys."

B. "Fortunately, I was able to save a lot of money whenever we played the Cardinals. It never mattered if they were tired out or not."

C. "I also used to send up a nice gift basket of gourmet cheeses, crackers and jams so their tummies would be full at game time."

D. "I got the idea from Dickerson. He used to send the 'Happy Ending' massage girls over to our pre-game warm-ups."

E. "I had to reveal something juicy in my book, and I don't know how many baseball players are using steroids."

F. "But I never tried to get any of them to take drugs. Those, I kept for myself."


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