How to watch Paris Hilton at work
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At Page 2 there's no one we look out for more than our faithful readers, so when the Paris Hilton sex tape hit the web we felt it was our duty to help out our hard-working fans.

Paris Hilton
You might want to bookmark on your way to viewing the Hilton tape.
No, we aren't going to give you the tape and no, we aren't going to have the Sports Guy watch it and provide a running diary. What we are going to do is give you some sage career advice.

So without further ado we give you Page 2's Top 10 tips for watching the Paris Hilton sex tape in your office:

10. "Make sure you have brochures from Hilton hotels and Paris, France, on your desk. If you get caught, just claim you were doing research for an upcoming vacation and your Google search accidentally went to the wrong file."

9. Bribe your boss with promise of a FWD e-mail.

8. Rename "hilton.avi" as "financials.doc"

7. Need a lookout? Interns aren't just for making copies.

Paris Hilton isn't the only person famous for doing absolutely nothing. Here's Page 2's list of 10 folks whose fame doesn't quite match their performance:

1. Tara Reid
2. All Osbournes not named Ozzy
3. Anna Nicole Smith
4. Joumana Kidd
5. George Steinbrenner
6. Lizzie Grubman
7. Don Zimmer
8. Vanna White
9. Kato Kaelin
10. Anyone on Reality TV

6. E-mail the video file to a co-worker you really dislike. Conveniently walk by their desk as they play it. If the boss also walks by, act outraged.

5. Isn't this what those T-Mobile Sidekicks were invented for?

4. Tell the boss the makeshift pup tent you've built over your work station is part of the morale-building "Survivor" game you're conducting for the office.

3. Two words: Fire drill.

2. Learn to use ALT-TAB function with just one hand.

1. Tell everyone "Hey, I work for Page 2! This is research!"


What was Paris Hilton thinking?

What was Rick Solomon thinking?

What was Brian Urlacher thinking?

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