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All this week, Page 2 has focused on the people who don't get enough of the spotlight.

We've profiled underrated athletes, underrated teams and underrated legends. But Page 2 isn't only about sports -- we also dabble in the world of entertainment. Thus, it's time for our list of the most underrated male and female celebrities from movies, music and television.

Check out our list below of 10 overlooked women, and then vote in the poll at right to move on to our list of 10 men who could use a little more love.

Nona M. GayeCynthia Nixon
Nona M. Gaye
Cynthia Nixon
As a budding actress, Marvin Gaye's daughter clearly knows "what's goin' on."

While Nixon's three "Sex and the City" co-stars get all the ink, Page 2 knows that "Miranda" is right.

Linda FiorentinoKeira Knightley
Linda Fiorentino
Keira Knightley
If you don't think Linda is underrated, go watch "Vision Quest". OK, you're back. We told you so.
If you only liked "Bend it Like Beckham" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" for the hot girl, then you can thank Keira.
Nia LongCassidy
Nia Long
Forget about all the other flavors of the month and their 15 minues of fame. Nia always delivers.
What? You haven't heard of the lead singer of the band "Antigone Rising"? Relax, you will.
Gina GershonCheryl Hines
Gina Gershon
Cheryl Hines
If you think of the hottest scenes on film over the last 10 years, odds are Gina makes the cut -- more than once.
Anyone who can complement ulta-neurotic Larry David and not end up in therapy herself deserves much more credit then she's getting.
Diane LaneLauren Graham
Diane Lane
Lauren Graham
Diane had the "everyone's hot neighbor" thing down, then came "Unfaithful." Whoa ...
Let's put this as clearly as possible ... she's made a show on The WB a hit. You can't need more than that.

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