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Like the rest of you, we've been celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Yankees with immense pride and enjoyment.

The Yankees, of course, are history's greatest dynasty, ranking just ahead of the Montreal Canadiens, 1960s Boston Celtics, the Mings, and the Roman Empire.

As an informed sports fan, you should know and appreciate the the history of this storied franchise. Thus, we ask you to take the 100th Anniversay Yankee Trivia Quiz:

1. Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?

A) Babe Ruth
B) Lou Gehrig
C) Joe DiMaggio
D) Mickey Mantle
E) Luis Sojo

2. The most significant moment in major league history occurred when …

A) The Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees
B) Lou Gehrig gave his "Luckiest Man Alive" speech
C) George Steinbrenner purchased the Yankees
D) Derek Jeter got called up to the majors
E) Paul O'Neill rescued Orlando Hernandez from his makeshift raft in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle

3. Who is the greatest manager in major league history?

A) Joe McCarthy
B) Casey Stengel
C) Billy Martin
D) Joe Torre
E) Stump Merrill

4. What was the greatest moment in World Series history?

A) Babe Ruth's called shot
B) Don Larsen's perfect game
C) Reggie Jackson's 3-homer game in '77
D) Derek Jeter's "Mr. November" home run
E) The ball going through Buckner's legs

5. What's the most colorful nickname in baseball history?

A) The Sultan of Swat
B) The Yankee Clipper
C) Mr. October
D) Louisiana Lightning
E) Jeet

6. The most famous symbol in baseball is …

A) Yankee pinstripes
B) Interlocking "NY" cap
C) Façade at Yankee Stadium
D) Monuments at Yankee Stadium
E) Don Zimmer

7. Which of these feats is baseball's greatest accomplishment?

A) Lou Gehrig's 2,130 consecutive games played
B) Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak
C) Roger Maris' 61 home runs in 1961
D) Ron Guidry's 25-3 record in 1978
E) David Wells pitches perfect game while "half-drunk"

8. The best player in baseball right now is …

A) Jason Giambi
B) Derek Jeter
C) Alfonso Soriano
D) Bernie Williams
E) Ruben Sierra

9. Baseball's most famous off-field incident occured when ...

A) Babe Ruth dangled manager Miller Huggins from a speeding train
B) Babe Ruth's bellyache (or was it syphilis?) costs Yanks pennant in '24
B) Billy Martin beats up a marshmallow salesman
D) George Steinbrenner hires Howard Spira to spy on Dave Winfield
E) Yankee pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson exchanged wives, kids and dogs

10. Who of the following will be getting a monument added to Monument Park?

A) Roger Clemens
B) Derek Jeter
C) Mariano Rivera
D) Jeffrey Maier
E) All of the above

11. The greatest, most respected, most beloved baseball owner of the past century is …

A) George Steinbrenner

12. There's nothing like a Game 7 of the World Series. Which of these Game 7 events was most memorable?

A) 1926: Ruth steals second in bottom of 9th, Lou Gehrig follows with homer
B) 1955: Mantle's two homers beat Johnny Podres and Brooklyn, 2-0
C) 1960: Yogi Berra robs Bill Mazeroski of potential game-winning HR
D) 1964: Rookie Mel Stottlemyre outduels Bob Gibson
E) 2001: Derek Jeter makes spectacular catch of Luis Gonzalez's blooper


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