ESPN's Sports Reporters: Parting Shots

Jack Ford serves as the moderator for Sports Reporters II, which debuted on ESPN July 2. Emulating the format of the original Sports Reporters, which features host John Saunders and three panelists from the print media, Sports Reporters II will feature Ford and three members of the electronic sports media who will opine on the day's hottest topics and controversial issues each Tuesday.

Sports Reporters II, which will originate from the ESPN Zone in Manhattan, will lead into ESPN Original Entertainment's two-hour "The Block" programming featuring Mohr Sports (8 p.m.), The Life (8:30) and The Season (9 p.m.).

videoTony Kornheiser
Wake up little Suzy... and play: Connecticut's Suzy Whaley becomes the "First Lady" of the PGA Tour.
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videoMike Lupica
Drew Bledsoe is only 30 and still has the arm to become the first QB to lead two different teams to the Super Bowl.
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videoMitch Albom
Why will Bob Hayes be remembered as the world's fastest man while today's crop will be lucky to be remembered at all?
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videoJohn Saunders
Family night gets redifined in Chicago when a father-son tandom assault Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa.
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Ralph Wiley
Randy Moss is redeemable, but needs to put the "peeps" aside and get in the game.
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Dan LeBatard
Barry Bonds will be unable to shed the "choker" label due to the fact that the Braves will not pitch to him.
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Michelle Tafoya
Colin Montgomerie gets his revenge on the "ugly Americans" with a masterful Ryder Cup performance.
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Jack Ford
The Larry Bird - Magic Johnson rivalry continues ... all the way to Springfield.
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