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The following is a collection of streaming audio/video files from guests on ESPN's Unscripted with Chris Connelly during 2001. The show is broadcast from the ESPN Zone at the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, Calif.

Date Guest(s) New media
Dec. 24 Titans coach Jeff Fisher (with guest host Andrea Kremer) Video
Dec. 21 Luke and Murphy Jensen Video
Dec. 20 Hulk Hogan Video
Dec. 19 Scott Boras Video
Dec. 18 Antawn Jamison/Danny Fortson Video
Dec. 17 Donovan McNabb/Kyle Turley Video
Dec. 14 Elton Brand Video
Dec. 13 Jason Giambi/Sugar Ray Leonard Video
Dec. 12 Roberto Alomar, Joe Kerrigan, Larry Bowa Video
Dec. 11 Bob Brenly, Tony LaRussa, Jesper Parnevik Video
Dec. 7 Lennox Lewis Video
Dec. 6 John Abraham Video
Dec. 5 Mark Mulder/Tim Hardaway Video
Dec. 4 Michael Finley/Juwan Howard Video
Dec. 3 Phil Fulmer/Gary Barnett Video
Nov. 30 Gale Sayers/Wally Szczerbiak Video
Nov. 28 Dave Stewart Video
Nov. 27 Jeff Garcia Video
Nov. 21 Bill Walton Video
Nov. 20 Barry Bonds/Torry Holt Video
Nov. 19 Kurt Warner Video
Nov. 16 Tony Gonzalez/Curt Schilling Video
Nov. 15 Mike Modano/Pierre Turgeon Video
Nov. 14 Matt Williams/Steve Finley Video
Nov. 13 Mark McGwire/Jim Edmonds Video
Nov. 12 Antonio Freeman/Jose Canseco Video
Nov. 9 Corey Dillon Video
Nov. 8 Michael Andretti and Michael Buffer Video
Nov. 7 Luis Gonzalez Video
Nov. 6 Kurt Angle Video
Nov. 5 Kerry Collins and Mike Brown Video
Oct. 31 Barry Zito Video I | Video II
Oct. 30 Chris Webber Video
Oct. 24 Dennis Miller Video
Oct. 23 Terrell Owens and Shannon Elizabeth Video
Oct. 22 Michael Irvin Video

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