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A Trip to Hog Heaven reunited the Hogs at their old stomping ground.
They used to clear the road for the Diesel and buy time for Joe. On Wednesday afternoon, they were leading The Sports Guy around the storied turf of RFK Stadium. Five members of the Hogs, the legendary offensive line that helped the Redskins win three Super Bowls, took our man down memory lane with stories about Riggo, LT and plenty more.
• Allen: Nixon and the Redskins playbook

Birth of a Rivalry Being ... a D.C. fan
You know the Cowboys and Redskins dislike each other, but you probably don't know where the feud began. It goes back further than George Allen or even Tom Landry. Page 2's Pat Toomay traces the rivalry back to a classic story involving a fight song and chicken feed.
They've put their trust in Steve Spurrier. They're wary of Dan Snyder. They're obsessed with MJ's knees. And they've got a close eye on Montreal. Page 2 tries to go deep inside the head of the typical Washington sports junkie as we consider the concept of "Being a D.C. fan."

You can't tell the players without a program, and you can't get around the D.C. sports scene and the many landmarks without help from Page 2 cartoonist Larry Johnson's map.

Page 2 offers our choices for the worst 10 sports moments in Washington history. Make sure to vote in our poll to crown the worst sports moment in D.C. history.

10]  Brutal tackle ends Joe Theismann's career
(Nov. 18, 1985)
9]  Football riot
(Thanksgiving Day, 1963)
8]   Bullets bottom out
7]   Maryland men's basketball team loses 3-OT heartbreaker
(March 9, 1974)
6]   Georgetown loses two title games by three points
(1982 and 1985)
5]   Vince Lombardi era ends too soon
(Sept. 3, 1970)

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Wiley: Look Underground for heart of D.C. sports
Anybody can show you RFK Stadium and the MCI Center on a tour of Washington, but only Page 2's Ralph Wiley knows his way around the underground of D.C.
Bradlee: Must be in the front row!
Who said only politicians have pull in D.C.? Former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee often pulled strings for the best seats in the house.
Rovell: Checking his list
The Capitals will win a Stanley Cup. How do we know? It's on owner Ted Leonsis's list of "101 Things To Do."
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Forget the 'Skins. Forget the Caps. And who remembers baseball in D.C.? Washington is bullish on the Wiz, with or without MJ.
Coffey: Winning Sounds like this
Go on the road with the women's basketball team at Gallaudet, the world's only university for the deaf.
The baseball question
What needs to happen for the grand ol' game to return to our nation's capital? Baseball writer Jayson Stark answers 10 key questions.
Ten Burning Questions for Deep Throat
Page 2 tracks down Washington's most famous celebrites, Deep Throat, for 10 Burning Questions.
Palmer: Hooping it up, D.C. style
Old-schoolers call it traveling, or at the very least showboating. Cap City streetballers call it the "D.C. crossover" and a foul on you.
McKenna: A real D.C. difference-maker
Susie Kay's plan to assist inner-city youngsters in Washington has grown into a full-time, full-service charity that has granted scholarships to more than 600 kids and provided hope to countless others.
Pasquarelli: Politically incorrect
Redskins fans should be prepared to hear anything and everything from new coach Steve Spurrier.
Wiley: 'Skin deep in D.C.
Page 2's Ralph Wiley delves inside the head of the typical D.C. sports fan -- and he finds that one team Hogs the show.
10 Burning Questions for Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser
We turned the tables on Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, co-hosts of ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption," and fired 10 Burning Questions at the longtime Washington journalists.
Shanoff: The Hot 'n' Not List for Washington sports
Page 2's Dan Shanoff checks the temperature in D.C. to give you the latest on what's hot and what's not in Washington.
Closer Look: Like magic, Wizards' name becomes cool
Page 2 takes a closer look at how the Wizards, nee Bullets, came about. But the names were changed to protect the innocent.
Roberts: The Legacy of Jimmy Trimble
Like many of sports' greatest stars, little-known Jimmy Trimble answered his call to duty and became a hero of another kind.
A Last Great Season: The Senators in 1945
Baseball in Washington was usually a losing proposition, but the '45 Senators wouldn't knuckle under, writes Rob Neyer.
Closer Look: Hail to the Redskins
Original 'Skins owner wanted family fun for everyone -- save for the racially sensitive -- and put together a band that did more than whistle Dixie.
Welch: The Cuban Senators
While their country convulsed across the Florida Straits, Julio Bécquer and two dozen other Cubans spent the 1950s playing baseball in the U.S. capital for some of the worst teams in major league history.
Coach, Symbol, Savior
When Vince Lombardi took Washington by storm.
Sarantakes: Richard Nixon, politician turned sports historian
The president, his historical all-star baseball team, and the election of 1972.
Top 10 sports moments in Washington history
Page 2 lists the greatest sports moments in Washington history.
Civil Rights on the Gridiron
The Kennedy Administration and the desegregation of the Washington Redskins.
1924 World Series: Capitol achievement for Senators
Washington waited 25 years for a World Series, but when it came it was a great one, and the king of pitchers waited 18 years for his sweetest victory.
Here he is, Mr. Washington
Page 2 lists the athletes of all-time who best represent the nation's capital. Check out our top 10 list for Mr. Washington.

Page 2 sent Bill Simmons to the nation's power center ... and he has been hanging with D.C.'s power brokers all week.

On Tuesday afternoon, Simmons rubbed shoulders with the commander in chief during a presidential ceremony at the White House. On Wednesday, he walked the turf at RFK Stadium with five members of the Redskins' famed "Hogs" offensive line.

Earlier in the week, our man caught Capitals' and Wizards' games at the MCI Center and mused about the state of D.C.'s winter sports. To cap off his week of assessing the Beltway's sports scene, The Sports Guy was heading to the ESPN Zone in downtown Washington to soak in Thursday's 16 NCAA Tournament games.

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