Atlanta, Auto Club, Talladega swap dates on '09 Sprint Cup schedule

Ladies and gentlemen, rearrange your calendars!

Three NASCAR tracks will swap dates on the 2009 Sprint Cup
schedule released Tuesday.

Atlanta Motor Speedway will move its fall race from October to
Labor Day weekend, with Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif.,
giving up that date to move into the Chase for the championship and
Talladega Superspeedway moving its second race nearer the end of
the season.

Atlanta will run a Cup race at night for the first time on Sept.
6. The second race at Auto Club Speedway will be run Oct. 11, in
Talladega's former slot, while the Alabama track will hold its
second race of the season Nov. 1, on the date formerly held by
Atlanta. All three tracks also have Cup races in the first half of
the schedule.

There also will be an additional off-week for the Cup teams
before the Labor Day weekend event, giving them a break before a
12-week stretch that will end the season. The 2008 schedule ends
with 16 consecutive weeks of racing.

Otherwise, the 36-race Cup schedule for next year will remain
the same as this season.

"The 2009 schedule reflects realigned dates that are good
opportunities for everyone involved in our sport -- fans, sponsors,
tracks and teams," NASCAR president Mike Helton said.

He said requests from Auto Club Speedway and Atlanta initiated
the changes in the Cup schedule.

Auto Club Speedway -- formerly California Speedway -- officials
have been talking to NASCAR for several years about getting away
from a date that doesn't draw well in Southern California, where
there is a multitude of things to do on a holiday weekend, and it is
typically very hot. Last September, the Sunday night race began in
temperatures approaching 106 degrees.

"The 2009 schedule is a victory for race fans," said Gillian
Zucker, president of Auto Club Speedway. "From a weather
standpoint, I can hardly think of a better time to visit California
than early October. ... [and] we look forward to being part of the
championship puzzle."

For Atlanta, the switch offers the chance to move to the
traditional end-of-summer date and run under the lights.

"We've been desiring a night race in Atlanta for a number of
years. We've had a number of conversations and I'm sure Mike Helton
can tell you about that," said Ed Clark, president of the Atlanta
track. "We're bringing Labor Day racing back to the Southeast and
doing it with a nighttime event. ... It's a win-win-win situation
for everybody."

Before the track in California got the Labor Day date in 2004,
Darlington Raceway held the Southern 500 each year on the holiday
weekend. The South Carolina track now has one Cup date in May.

Rick Humphrey, president of Talladega, said the attraction for
him was moving from the fourth to seventh race in the 10-race

"We've been a big part of the championship battle and we
believe that moving even deeper into the Chase makes Talladega even
more significant to the championship," Humphrey said. "Also, by
moving to the end of October, coupled with Atlanta's new date, that
separates our two events, which is very beneficial for both

The Atlanta and Talladega tracks are only about 100 miles apart.

Schedules for the Nationwide Series and the truck series, which
is still awaiting a new series sponsors to replace Craftsman, were
also released Tuesday.

A new event at Iowa Speedway on Aug. 1 will replace Mexico City
on the 35-race Nationwide schedule, while the Atlanta event will
switch from March to September, moving the race in Montreal to Aug.

The Nationwide race is a coup for the 2-year-old Iowa track.

Former NASCAR star Rusty Wallace, the designer and co-owner of
the track, said he believes the new race could draw as many as
70,000 fans. The problem is, the track has only 25,000 permanent
seats and it's biggest crowd to date was the nearly 40,000 it drew
for the IndyCar Series race in June.

"Seating is a real hot topic right now," Wallace said. "We're
going to have to add seats."

In trucks, the 25-race 2009 schedule will replace the
late-season event at Atlanta with a night race at Chicagoland
Speedway on Aug. 28, giving the series another major market.