NASCAR issues spoiler measurements

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Specifications for the new spoiler and quarterpanels on Sprint Cup cars were sent in a memo Monday to teams by series director John Darby.

According to the memo, obtained by ESPN.com, the spoiler that will replace the current wing will sit 4 inches atop the deck lid when measured from the centerline.

The spoiler will be level across the top with a ground clearance of 43.52 inches from the top of the spoiler to the ground with the chassis on 6- and 8-inch blocks.

The spoiler will be 64½-inches wide and one piece from right to left. It will be fabricated from 3/16-inch thick aluminum and fixed at 70 degrees.

The fuel filler hole must be relocated forward of the left lower tip of the spoiler.

Also, right and left quarterpanel extensions will be added to all cars. The extensions will be 4 inches long toward the ground at the rear wheel opening.

The modifications, according to the memo, are not to be used in competition until all wind tunnel and on-track tests are completed. An open test is scheduled for all teams in March.

The changes are being made in hopes of improving downforce and improving the quality of racing. They are not expected to be used for the Daytona 500 that kicks off the season on Feb. 14.

The Bristol race in March is a more likely target.

David Newton covers NASCAR for ESPN.com. He can be reached at dnewtonespn@aol.com.