Kyle Busch gets worst of fisticuffs with Joey Logano, crew

LAS VEGAS -- Hard racing or dirty driving, whatever it was at the end of the Kobalt 400 on Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway led to hard feelings -- and fisticuffs -- between hometown boy Kyle Busch and Joey Logano.

As Martin Truex Jr. celebrated his victory with burnouts on the track, Busch climbed out of his wrecked car and made a beeline for Logano's car and promptly started throwing punches.

Logano's crew members quickly pounced on Busch, and it was over quickly.

When asked if any punches landed, Logano said he came out of the brief brawl cleanly.

"Not on me!" Logano said and then flashed his trademark smile and even more trademark laugh.

Something clearly landed on Busch; he had blood on his forehead as he walked back toward his pit. It may have come from being on the bottom of a pile of very large men. He was treated and released from the infield care center at the track.

NASCAR executive vice president Steve O'Donnell said during his weekly SiriusXM NASCAR Radio segment Monday that officials will continue to look at video of the incident and will be in contact with the teams and drivers involved.

If it follows precedence, NASCAR would at most fine the drivers for throwing a punch while crew members would face a suspension if it is determined that they landed any blows.

O'Donnell said NASCAR's first intention is not to react, that the initial review indicates the crew members were trying to break things up.

On the final lap of the race, Brad Keselowski, who had been leading, slowed dramatically as Busch and Logano approached. Busch crowded Logano down the track to avoid Keselowski, and as Logano and Busch continued to race, it appeared Logano lost control slightly and made contact with Busch's car, sending the No. 18 Toyota into a spin down pit road.

"I was racing hard there at the end," Logano said. "...Kyle and I usually race well together and don't have any issues.

"He tried to take me down into the corner underneath Brad; [I] about crashed on entry and then I was still trying to gather it up by the center, and I was going to spin out, and so I'm trying to chase it up [the track] and he was there.

"It was nothing intentional, but obviously he thinks that. We'll move on."

For his part, Keselowski admitted he probably caused the wreck and felt bad about it.

Will Busch be ready to move on? It didn't sound like it in the heat of the moment.

"I got dumped," he said. "He flat-out just drove straight in the corner and wrecked me. That's how Joey races, so he's going to get it."

Information from ESPN's Bob Pockrass contributed to this report.