Clint Bowyer weighing offers

BRISTOL, Tenn. -- Although he hopes to return to Richard Childress Racing in 2012, Clint Bowyer is weighing offers from other teams.

The latest is from Richard Petty Motorsports. According to RPM co-owner Andrew Murstein during a Saturday radio interview on SiriusXM Radio, Bowyer has an offer to drive a third car next year.

"When we had that media day opportunity at the beginning of the year, I perhaps went a little further than I should and I said I wanted to add a third team pretty quickly, and Danica (Patrick) and Clint Bowyer came to mind," Murstein told SiriusXM at Bristol Motor Speedway.

"So we've been thinking about the third team for the last six months or so, and we're close to doing something. I don't know if it will be Clint. It's no secret that I like him and Richard (Petty) likes him, and I think he would be a great fit for our organization."

Bowyer admitted after the driver's meeting that he has talked to numerous teams about his next deal.

"Obviously, that's what you've got to go and do right now, you've got to go out and get every offer possible, you know?" Bowyer said. "Go home and when it's time to make a decision, weigh them all out and make the best decision for your life, your performance and other things.

"Everything weighs into that. You've got to weigh all the options out and make the best decision possible. Until you have all those facts and have all your ducks in a row, I'm wasting my time talking to you."

RCR owner Richard Childress said last month at Indianapolis he hoped to have Bowyer signed in two weeks.

That time has come and gone. Sources told ESPN.com that the big hang up has been Bowyer not wanting to take a pay cut, which many drivers have taken over the last year.

"He's in the same boat everybody is in this sport," Bowyer said of Childress. "It's very, very hard to find dollars. It takes money to make these teams go around and around. Not egos. Not anybody thinking they need more than they're worth or anything else.

"It takes money to make these cars successful and run the way we're capable of running. That's the goal. Until you find that, unfortunately you've got to weigh it out until you do."

Childress said he still expects things to work out with Bowyer. Bowyer, speculated to have a deal with 5-hour Energy to sponsor a portion of his races at RCR, said he "hopes" to return to RCR.

"I don't know how to tell you guys that any differently," he said.

In the same breath, Bowyer admitted he is looking at other teams. Before Red Bull Racing announced it was leaving the sport after this season, Bowyer reportedly had a deal to drive there.

Asked what he wanted, Bowyer said, "I want to win races and win a championship. That's what I want to do."

While Bowyer understands a decision has to be made soon, his focus is on making the Chase over the next three races. He currently is 11th in points, 24 outside of the top 10 guaranteed a spot.

A win also could put him in position for a wild card. He is 35 points ahead of Denny Hamlin, who entered Saturday's race with a win that has him in the second wild card spot.

The top 10 and the next two drivers in points with the most wins make the Chase.

"It helps me having a little bit of momentum going into these next three races, you know, wanting to be a part of that Chase, knowing the importance of the Chase," Bowyer said. "It helps me focus on that and not worry so much about the future.

"The future is going to be there. The future will be bright. We'll live to see another day."

David Newton covers NASCAR for ESPN.com. He can be reached at dnewtonespn@aol.com.