Clint Bowyer: Spinout not intentional

After first avoiding the question, Clint Bowyer denied Tuesday that he intentionally spun his car in an effort to keep Ryan Newman from winning at Richmond and making NASCAR's championship field.

Bowyer was previously scheduled to spend the day at ESPN before NASCAR sanctioned Michael Waltrip Racing for manipulating the outcome of Saturday night's race. In his first interview, Bowyer said he had apologized to Newman in a phone call for bringing out a caution while Newman was leading but added that racing protocol cost Newman the win.

Asked specifically if the apology was an admission of guilt, Bowyer said: "Let's not dig too much into this.

"We're going to get through this as a race team. Somehow, through all of this, I have to get my focus back on the Chase."

The topic was covered again in a second TV appearance, and Bowyer denied that the spin was deliberate.

"No," he said. "Anytime something happens on the racetrack, it's unfortunate. If I had a crystal ball and could have told you everything lined up just perfectly the way it did, there's no way you could do all that math and know everything that happened."

When asked about his team allegedly talking in code during the race, Bowyer said that he had poison oak all over his arm from cutting down a tree last week. His crew chief had inquired about his arm right before the spin, at one point saying, "I bet it's hot in there. Itch it."

NASCAR said it could not prove Bowyer's spin was intentional in levying stiff sanctions against MWR on Monday. Newman replaced Martin Truex Jr. in the Chase for the Sprint Cup field, and MWR was fined $300,000 as part of the penalties. MWR general manager Ty Norris was suspended indefinitely; Bowyer, Truex and Brian Vickers were docked 50 points each; and their crew chiefs were placed on probation through the end of the year.

Newman said Tuesday that he accepted Bowyer's apology and that the two will move on; they had a previously scheduled hunting trip together next week. Although Bowyer discussed the spin on Monday night's phone call, Newman told The Associated Press that Bowyer never said it was intentional.

"I could tell by the sound of his voice, I really feel he was genuine with his remorse," Newman said. "He said it was a heat-of-the-moment thing, and he told me the biggest thing was he was glad NASCAR did what they did and took the action they did to get me in the Chase. I believed him and that made me feel good about what he was saying, but no, he did not say with the exact words that he spun on purpose."

Still, Newman said he has no doubt MWR manipulated the ending of the race through a series of actions that began with Bowyer's spin. NASCAR could prove only one action -- radio communication between Norris and Vickers in which a confused Vickers was told to pit as the field went green with three laps to go. The request was made in an effort to give Joey Logano position on the track to pass Jeff Gordon in the standings and knock Gordon out of the Chase so that Truex could gain the wild card.

Newman was leading at the time of Bowyer's spin with seven laps to go, and the victory would have given him the wild-card berth. Instead, he finished third and lost the final spot in the Chase.

"That no doubt was the toughest thing in my career, having the carpet pulled out from underneath me," Newman said. "To have that manipulated, and after the race, I didn't put two-and-two together; I didn't immediately think it was on purpose. Obviously, Clint has a lot of remorse now."

Newman, however, feels awful for his good friend Truex.

When it was Truex who seemingly was advancing into the Chase, Newman said he found his friend after the race and told him, "Now go do something with it." Having now swapped places with his buddy because of NASCAR's unprecedented sanctions, Newman said Truex has given him the same advice.

"I feel bad for Martin, and I feel he didn't know anything about it and he had the carpet ripped out from underneath him, and I know exactly how that feels," Newman said. "I know that it's tough for him because of his team situation. I want to go out and do the best I can in the Chase and do the best I can for my team, but at the same time, I'm disappointed my buddy isn't part of it and I'm disappointed at what he's going through right now."

Information from The Associated Press was included in this report.