Allmendinger pleads no contest

AJ Allmendinger was given a suspended sentence, probation and community service after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of driving while impaired following a traffic stop on Oct. 29, SceneDaily.com reported.

The 27-year-old driver was charged by Mooresville police after being pulled over at 1:27 a.m. in North Carolina. He was released after registering .08 on the Intoxilyzer.

Allmendinger pleaded no contest in North Carolina District Court on Friday and was given a 60-day suspended sentence, 18 months unsupervised probation and 24 hours of community service, the Web site reported. He was also fined $100 plus court costs and his driving privileges were limited.

Allmendinger had been placed on probation by Richard Petty Motorsports and fined $10,000 to be donated to charity.

"Honest truth, I had a couple of drinks at dinner and a couple that night," Allmendinger said Oct. 30. "I honestly thought I was fine. I had been drinking water for an hour and a half at that point and figured I was OK to drive home. I unfortunately got pulled over and it went from there.

"It was my fault. It was a bad decision. I wish I could take it back. I'd do anything to take it back. All I can do is go out there and learn from it and be a lot better person from it, which I will be. And hopefully educate other people you don't have to be having a ton of drinks to be feeling like you're drunk. It only takes a little bit to be over the limit."

Information from ESPN.com NASCAR reporter David Newton was used in this report.