Knaus, Gustafson to compete while appealing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NASCAR crew chiefs Chad Knaus and Alan
Gustafson will be allowed to compete in Atlanta this weekend while
they appeal their two-race suspension.

Both were suspended on Tuesday for allegedly cheating at Las
Vegas last weekend. Team owner Rick Hendrick appealed, and the
National Stock Car Racing commission can't assemble until next week
to hear their case, NASCAR officials said Wednesday.

Under NASCAR's rules, the crew chiefs can still compete until
their appeal has been heard.

Todd Berrier was suspended for four races, but while that suspension remains under appeal also, Harvick's team has announced that Berrier will begin serving his suspension this week at Atlanta.

Scott Miller, chief engineer at RCR, will replace Berrier this

"We are going to miss not having Todd at the racetrack, but we
have great guys on this team that have been together for a long
time,'' Harvick said. "Everybody is excited to keep this momentum
we have and we don't plan on letting it get away. The guys are very
motivated right now."

Knaus, crew chief for Jimmie Johnson, was fined $35,000 and
suspended two weeks when Johnson's race-winning car was too low in
inspection. Johnson was also docked 25 points, which knocked him
out of the points lead.

Gustafson was fined $25,000 and suspended for two weeks because
runner-up Kyle Busch's car was too high in inspection. Busch was
docked 25 points.

Berrier was fined $25,000 and suspended for four races because
he illegally rigged Kevin Harvick's fuel tank to appear full when
it wasn't, allowing the car to go faster. It had to be full under
NASCAR rules during qualifying.