Mayfield thinks NASCAR spiked test

Jeremy Mayfield told a television station in Charlotte, N.C., late Friday that an independent test shows no trace of methamphetamines and that he believes NASCAR spiked his urine sample.

Mayfield, who was suspended indefinitely on May 9 for failing a NASCAR drug test, has denied ever using the illegal drug. Earlier this month a federal judge granted Mayfield a temporary injunction lifting the suspension, a decision NASCAR is appealing.

"We're very excited about the results," Mayfield told WCNC NewsChannel 35 after LabCorp sent test results to Mayfield's attorneys showing he tested negative for meth. The results, Mayfield said, are from a urine sample he gave within an hour of giving a sample to NASCAR, though NASCAR's lab results claim Mayfield tested positive for the drug.

Mayfield also wondered how there could be two samples that give two different results.

"That's what we'd like to know and that's what we're gonna find out," Mayfield told WCNC.

Mayfield's attorney also told the TV station he believes NASCAR might be "spiking" the sample.

"They are hell-bent on proving Jeremy Mayfield is wrong," John Buric, who is representing Mayfield, told WCNC. "They keep digging themselves a hole [and it] keeps getting bigger and bigger."

Mayfield wants to prove his innocence although he doesn't think he will drive on the NASCAR circuit again.

"I'm in this for the long haul," he told WCNC. "We're gonna fight it out."

"Now that I don't have to worry about going back racing -- because obviously they are not going to let me -- I don't have to worry about what I say. It's like the bully in school [who] got ahold of the wrong little guy."

NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston responded to Mayfield's test.

"They seem to be light on details don't you think?" Poston told WCNC. "It's all pretty transparent. We will continue to let real science and sworn affidavits do our talking."