First taste of NASCAR hooks Tarantino

BRISTOL, Tenn. -- Quentin Tarantino has produced his share
of action-packed, thrilling moments. For once, he was just along
for the ride.

Tarantino, a NASCAR novice, was treated to several hair-raising laps in a stock car Saturday that left the eccentric film director
speechless at Bristol Motor Speedway.

"Yeah, Baby! That's what I'm talking about!" he yelled after
several seconds of silence. "That was incredible. I didn't 100
percent know what to expect when I got here. I was very open to be
intoxicated, and I most definitely was."

Tarantino was introduced to NASCAR by good friend Mauricia
Grant, a Busch Series official who lives near him in Hollywood.
When he asked her about attending a race, she encouraged him to
choose Bristol -- a short track where the bumping, banging and
post-race altercations can be as intense as an action scene from
"Pulp Fiction" or "Kill Bill."

She also arranged for him to take a ride with TNT commentator
Wally Dallenbach, who drives a celebrity around the track each week
as part of his "Wally's World" segment. Recent ride-along
partners have ranged from actors Ben Affleck, Jamie Foxx, David
Spade and singer Lisa Marie Presley, who has made a point to
publicly complain about how Dallenbach intentionally tried to scare
her during a ride last month.

"You're not going to whine after this ride like Lisa Marie
Presley, are you?" Dallenbach asked during the warm-up laps.

There was no whining when it was over. Just a brief silence as
Tarantino soaked in the adrenaline rush. After, he said he asked
Dallenbach to make the ride as scary as possible with close-calls
with the Bristol walls.

"Ben Affleck, he looked like a little girl!," Tarantino said.
"When I saw Ben Affleck and Dave Spade acting like little girls, I
said I got this one. I'm all good. I don't have to worry about

"That part that was in the wall, that was the bomb. I wanted a lot of wall time and Wally gave me the wall time."

Tarantino's day didn't end with his ride. After watching Friday
night's Busch race from one of the suites -- he said he rooted for
Kevin Harvick and had been cheering on Harvick to "crash [Greg
Biffle] into the wall" -- he was scheduled to stick around for
Saturday night's main event and watch it from the pit Grant was
working in.

But it was clear that Tarantino was hooked. He was making plans
to take a lesson in the Richard Petty Driving Experience next week
at California Speedway, and possibly attend the race.

"I love it," he said. "This is, in one word -- adrenaline."