France: Stars and Bars a 'fading image' in NASCAR

NEW YORK -- NASCAR CEO Brian France doesn't like fans flying
Confederate flags at races as he tries to make auto racing more
appealing to minorities and women.

"It's not a flag that I look at with anything favorable. That's
for sure," he said in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" to be
aired Sunday. "I can't tell people what flag to fly. I can tell
you the flag we get behind: It's the American flag."

France is trying to broaden auto racing's appeal with minorities
in places like Los Angeles, where France moved the important Labor
Day NASCAR event last year, and New York, soon to have a track.

"[Reaching out to minorities] is something I work on every day.
I work on it personally," France said.

Among those efforts France counts running a NASCAR event in
Mexico and establishing a training program for female and minority
drivers. And he doesn't believe the racial stereotypes associated
with the Confederate flag will affect NASCAR.

"I think it's a fading image," France said.