Junior clears up confusion about moving of cars and memorabilia at DEI

MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. said his feelings
about the removal of show cars and memorabilia at Dale Earnhardt
Inc. were mischaracterized, and he has no ill will toward his late
father's company.

Max Siegel, president of DEI's global operations, said Wednesday
that the cars and memorabilia were returned to the showroom after
the media luncheon on Jan 23.

"There is no anger or ill-feeling towards DEI, period,"
Earnhardt wrote Wednesday on his Web site. "Nearly half the cars
that were moved out of the showroom to accommodate the media tour
consist of cars I've won races and championships with, and any fan
of mine who wants a glimpse of my past can still and always will
find it at DEI. I know that DEI is proud of its past."

Earnhardt left DEI at the end of last season, and he'll drive
for Hendrick Motorsports this year. The absence of Earnhardt-related
items was noticed by media who attended a luncheon.

Unaware the show cars had simply been moved, media members
questioned Earnhardt, who initially said he didn't care. But when
questioned about it again Monday during testing at Las Vegas Motor
Speedway, he said team members who were part of his Daytona 500
victory and two Busch Series championships should be recognized at
the shop.

"I got to thinking about it, and it sort of hurt my feelings,"
he said Monday. "It's sort of a hack at even the guys that are
still there that worked on that car, to not see the accolades, any
sort of appreciation for the work they did."

Siegel has maintained for a week that the memorabilia was moved
for the luncheon. He said Monday that "as far as memorabilia, more
than half of the showroom floor is dedicated to Dale Jr.'s history

Earnhardt wrote on his Web site that "Max Siegel has been
nothing but honest, direct, and supportive. We both sincerely wish
success for each other. We both want to move forward diligently
with our individual futures in this sport.

"To continue to have to answer about the past makes it
difficult for either one to achieve that. We're both solidly
entrenched in new chapters of our lives, and it's a great