Biffle '90 percent sure' he's signing extension with Roush Fenway

MARTINSVILLE, Va. -- Greg Biffle on Friday stated his intent to sign a contract extension with Roush Fenway Racing, saying he is "90 percent" sure he will do so.

"We're really just in the fine-tune negotiations [stage]," Biffle said. "I think we're coming along fairly well. It hasn't been a top priority, but we've been communicating back and forth about what we'd like to see in a contract -- appearances and the way it's structured and different things.

"And I feel pretty confident we're going to be able to reach middle ground [at Roush Fenway]. I would say 90 percent."

The hope, Biffle said, is to complete the agreement by midseason.

"That would be preferable," Biffle said. "So closing down to the chase, and the championship, we have the thing ironed out."

Biffle last year cited his team's competitive performance as the key factor in this decision. He hasn't wavered.

"We're there. We're obviously there. The car's performing," Biffle said. "Any driver in the garage just wants to be able to compete every week. The amount of money you get paid and all those other things are kind of beside the fact.

"We want to win championships and make the chase. If we can do all that we'll work out the rest of the details."

This season, Biffle is second in the Sprint Cup standings, 30 points behind series leader Kyle Busch, with three top-five finishes and four top-10s through five races.

Biffle said other teams have mentioned casual interest in securing his driving services, and he's spoken with them -- but only in passing.

Roush Fenway, he said, is the only team with which he is negotiating.

"There are other people, obviously, looking to start fourth teams or replace a driver they already have, but to come out of the stability of the [Roush] organization -- I've been there 10 years," he said. "Now we're running [well].

"No matter how much the money is, beside that, I just don't know that it makes sense for a career move."

Marty Smith covers NASCAR for ESPN.com.