Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares detail on concussion treatment via Instagram

BRISTOL, Tenn. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. will miss his fifth consecutive race this week as he recovers from a concussion, and he gave his Instagram followers a peek into his rehab Thursday.

Earnhardt posted a series of videos that he said are to help with his balance and gaze stability -- the ability to focus on an object in the distance while moving his head.

One of the videos shows him doing steps as well as having someone throw a ball at a wall behind him, and then he turns and catches the ball on the rebound.

In the post showing some of the physical exercises, Earnhardt wrote: "Simple stuff but it's really helping."


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Other posts included eye charts he is supposed to read while shaking his head -- "Bout got them memorized," he wrote in a post -- and in another, he talks about a computerized three-dimensional program, which crosses his eyes and trains his eyes to work together. The results are sent to his doctors online.

Another video shows disco lights in a dark room, where Earnhardt said he walks backward and forward, moving his head to the left and right.

"There is about two to three hours' worth of physical and mental therapy that I do each day -- not a lot of fun," Earnhardt said Aug. 5. "Probably some of it, just trying to describe it, is pretty mundane. But they really stress your symptoms, and that is what they want.

"They want you to do things that really push your mind, and bring out the symptoms. So, in the last evaluation, we really ramped up the therapy to make it a little more strenuous."

Earnhardt, who said doctors believe he suffered a concussion in a June 12 wreck at Michigan International Speedway, is expected to see doctors next week, which could determine when the Hendrick Motorsports driver returns to racing. Jeff Gordon is filling in for him this weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Earnhardt was also quite active Wednesday on social media, answering fans' questions and tweeting comments made by reporters and drivers during the Camping World Truck Series race at Bristol. He did not give any timeline about his return.