Slower pace needed for stock car brakes

MEXICO CITY -- The track for NASCAR's first race in Mexico
next year will be shortened to allow the Busch series cars to
manage the tough braking on the road course.

A new curve on the main straightaway and a new curve on the
second straightaway will cut the track length from 2.786 miles to
2.518 miles for the March 6 race.

The Hermanos Rodriguez course has been used by Formula One,
Champ, Trans Am and prototype cars, and requires sharp braking
after long, fast straightaways. The stock cars used by NASCAR "are
not prepared for such hard braking,'' said Ramon Osorio, spokesman
for the promoters.

The work is to be finished before NASCAR tire testing starts
Jan. 15 and would not affect the layout used for the other series,
Osorio said.