Danza's kart flips after 'bump and run' from Wallace

NEW YORK -- Tony Danza got quite a scare when he and NASCAR
star Rusty Wallace were racing go-karts during the taping of a
segment for the nationally syndicated "The Tony Danza Show."

Danza was leading as they entered the final lap Monday morning
on West 66th Street, the show said. After Wallace gave Danza's
vehicle a little "bump and run," the 54-year-old talk-show host
lost control of his go-kart, which flipped over.

"Although slightly worse for wear, Danza escaped with no
injuries," the show said in a statement.

Wallace, who rushed to Danza's side after the crash, said, "I
thought I killed ya," to which Danza responded, "Yeah ... just
before you retire, 'I killed Tony Danza.'"

"I know you're tough, but that [was] ridiculous, man!" Wallace
was quoted as saying.

The "DayTony 500" segment aired on Monday's show.