NASCAR says 'Dale' believed to be top-selling sports DVD

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- "Dale," the NASCAR Media Group/CMT Films documentary film about the life of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, is believed to be the highest-selling sports DVD ever, according to Jay Abraham, the chief operating officer of NASCAR Media Group.

"To best of our knowledge, it's the largest selling sports DVD," Abraham said.

ESPN.com contacted Billboard Magazine and its DVD-sales tracker, Nielsen VideoScan, to confirm the report, but those outlets don't track Wal-Mart sales. To date "Dale" has only been available at Wal-Mart stores.

Not that that hasn't proven successful. According to Abraham, the film has moved more than 800,000 copies. And it promises to get better.

"We're very pleased with sales results," Abraham said. "We're looking forward to more sales as we get the wake effect of start of season, and expanded distribution to other retailers."

Electronics stores such as Best Buy and Circuit City will begin selling the movie soon.

During the holidays the DVD retailed for $24.99. The price has since been reduced to $19.99.

Dale Earnhardt, Inc. president Max Siegel said sales of the DVD are indicative of the racing legend's influence.

"An 'icon' can be described as an important and enduring symbol," Siegel said. "Dale Earnhardt Sr. is certainly an industry and cultural icon. His importance to the sport and contribution to the human spirit is as relevant today as it has always been.

"He was a great champion on and off the track. The excitement he provided fans and the hope he gave people still resonate today," Siegel said.

"The fact that fans want to own the DVD when they could have [digitally recorded] it shows their loyalty to him and his impact on them. And this is a huge compliment to Dale Sr. and Dale Earnhardt, Inc."

Marty Smith covers motorsports for ESPN.com.