Massa says he'll apologize when he does something wrong

SEPANG, Malaysia -- Felipe Massa and
David Coulthard refused to bury the hatchet on Thursday after
their collision at last weekend's season-opening Australian
Grand Prix.

Ferrari's Massa told a news conference at the Malaysian
Grand Prix that he had not apologized to the Scot for the
overtaking incident that pitched the Red Bull driver off the
track at Melbourne with his car badly damaged.

"I didn't do anything wrong. When I do something wrong, I
will apologize but this time I don't need to," said the

Coulthard, who had blasted Massa in Melbourne, suggested the
Ferrari driver would have to change his approach if he wanted to
fight for the championship.

"Quite clearly my eyes point forward, they don't point
rearward," said the Scot of the coming together that occurred
when Massa tried to go past on the inside at the end of the main

"He's got a much clearer view as to how much space there is
and I didn't take a different line than I took on any other lap.

"I was fully prepared for him to pass me into corner three
because a Ferrari has a much better top speed, it's a much
quicker car. He made his choice. If he makes the same choice
[again], he'll get the same result," added Coulthard.

"I can't make my car invisible but, as I say, I'm not
fighting for the world championship, he is. So next time he
should wait until corner three."