Webber says he'll be ready for F1 opener

LONDON -- Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber says he is ahead of schedule in his recovery from a
broken leg thanks to a treatment that involves standing nearly
naked in sub-zero temperatures for minutes at a time.

"I've been doing it for three weeks now," the Red Bull
driver, who broke his leg in a cycling accident in Tasmania in
November, told the team's Web site of his
use of a cryogenic chamber.

"You go from a normal, ambient room temperature into a
chamber of [minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit] for about 30 seconds and then for another three
minutes into [minus 202 degrees Fahrenheit].

"It's very good for your general well-being, your immune
system and apparently it's good for cellulite. Not much of a
worry for me ... but it's very good for the whole body," the
32-year-old added.

"The results over the last few weeks have been incredible.
We had a really good week last week so we're really positive ...
dare I say it, we're probably a little bit ahead of schedule."

Webber is due to get back behind the wheel in southern Spain
next week after Red Bull unveils its new car at the Jerez
circuit on Monday.

The season starts in Melbourne, Australia on March 29 with drivers
having to adapt to major rule changes.

Webber, who has a young and hungry new teammate in
race-winning German Sebastian Vettel, has not driven a Formula
One car since the last race in Brazil last November. But
he will not be using his broken leg as an excuse in Melbourne.

"I will be 100 percent ready to do my job," Webber said of
the season-opener.