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Tuesday, September 10
Updated: December 19, 1:57 PM ET
Zbikowski Agonizes Over Final Decision

Zbikowski might be looking at a future without boxing.
When I signed with Notre Dame, I thought the tough decisions were over, writes DB/QB Tom Zbikowski. Signing Day brought me a step closer to my dream of running out of the tunnel at Notre Dame Stadium, but another dream might have to end. If I have a chance to contribute at ND next year, boxing may have to go.
Leak chat wrap
Zbikowski chat wrap
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Chris Leak coverage
Diary 12: Shooting for the top
I was nervous on Signing Day, but not about my decision, writes QB Chris Leak.
Diary 11: At home in the swamp
My heart led me to the right place, writes Charlotte Independence QB Chris Leak.
Diary 10: Home stretch
The time to make my oral commitment is rapidly approaching, writes Chris Leak.
Diary 9: Changing dreams
I always dreamed of running onto the field as a Vol, but that dream is dead, writes Chris Leak.
Diary 8: Truth or consequences
The most difficult challenge in recruiting is figuring out who's telling the truth writes Chris Leak.
Diary 7: Fade route
If breaking the record and a visit to Austin weren't enough, some recruiting news surprised me writes Chris Leak.
Diary 6: Changing gears
Being the only passenger on a private jet making a recruiting visit made me feel like a rock star, writes Chris Leak.
Diary 5: Fraternal developments
It's a precarious situation when your brother plays for a team that's recruiting you writes Chris Leak.
Diary 4: Gators make an impression
I have my own private phone line for recruiting calls, writes Chris Leak, but it has been a waste.
Chat wrap: Chris Leak and Tom Lemming
Lemming's No. 1 prospect, QB Chris Leak, joined him for a recruiting chat.
Diary 3: Going to the Chapel
I couldn't make it to ND Saturday, writes Chris Leak, so I traveled up to UNC for a visit.
Diary 2: Battle for the Carolinas
In his second diary entry, Chris Leak says Charlotte Independence is ready for their rivalry game.
Diary 1: Ready for 2002
In his first diary entry, Chris Leak says Charlotte Independence is going for a three-peat.
Blue Chip Diaries: The prodigy
For a kid with extraordinary talent, Chris Leak exhibits extraordinary maturity writes's Wayne Drehs.
Lemming: Leak has it all recruiting analyst Tom Lemming has Chris Leak ranked as his No. 1 QB prospect.
Ask Chris Leak a question
Have a question for Chris Leak? Chris Leak will answer a number of user questions in his next diary.

Tom Zbikowski coverage
Diary 11: Dome-ward bound
In the end, I chose Notre Dame because it's the best place for me. And I couldn't be happier about it.
Diary 10: Out on an island
I look forward to defending the nation's top receivers in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, writes Tom Zbikowski.
Diary 9: Flavor of the week
From one campus to the next, Tom Zbikowski has left every recruiting visit with the same feeling.
Diary 8: The sweet science soothes
Getting back in the boxing ring has taken my mind off the stinging playoff loss writes Tom Zbikowski.
Diary 7: Down and out
The season is over, as is my high school football career, and it's at least partially my fault writes Tom Zbikowski.
Diary 6: BC phone home
Phone calls from coaches are part of the recruiting routine, but a call I received on Saturday was really impressive.
Diary 5: Always on my mind
When I let my mind stray from the upcoming playoffs to recruiting, I find myself thinking a lot about one school writes Tom Zbikowski.
Diary 4: A surprise contender
I have a new suitor and the school is such a perennial contender that I have to listen writes Tom Zbikowski.
Diary 3: Off the hook
Tom Zbikowski writes that the recruiting grind has become annoying.
Chat wrap: Tom Lemming
QB/DB Tom Zbikowski and OL Mike Jones joined Lemming for a recruiting chat.
Diary 2: Greetings and salutations
Tom Zbikowski writes that something smelled fishy on his unofficial visit to Notre Dame.
Diary 1: Collision course
In his first diary entry, Tom Zbikowski writes that playing QB is great, but defense gets him going.
Blue Chip Diaries: Mr. Versatility
Tom Zbikowski is a two-sport star who never stops playing, writes's Wayne Drehs.
Lemming: The two-way star recruiting analyst Tom Lemming says Tom Zbikowski can be a star on either side of the ball.
Ask Tom Zbikowski a question
Have a question for Tom Zbikowski? Tom will answer a number of user questions in his next diary.

Jim Donnan coverage
Donnan: Evaluating high school players
Proper evaluation is one of the most difficult aspects of recruiting, writes's Jim Donnan.
Donnan: Dialing for players
Keeping in touch with recruits over the phone is like maintaining a long-distance relationship.
Donnan: Unofficial visits are key
Unofficial visits by recruits are as important as the official visits, writes's Jim Donnan.

Zbikowski's college choice
Tom Zbikowski made an oral commitment to Notre Dame on Jan. 15, 2003 and signed with the Irish on Feb. 5, 2003.

Leak's college choice
Chris Leak made an oral commitment to Florida on Jan. 5, 2003 and signed with the Gators on Feb. 5, 2003.

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