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Tuesday, January 9
Updated: May 16, 12:55 PM ET
Top 20 prep centers

The players who will make up the freshman class of 2001-2002 are either headed to college or the NBA. Here are the top 20 centers.

Rankings through May 15:

Player Height Hometown (H.S.) Top schools
1. Eddy Curry 6-11 South Holland, Ill. (Thornwood HS) NBA
2. Tyson Chandler 7-0 Compton, Calif. (Dominguez HS) NBA
3. Jamal Sampson 6-11 Santa Ana, Calif. (Mater Dei HS) California
4. Desagana Diop 6-11 Mouth of Wilson, Va. (Oak Hill Academy) NBA
5. Chris Charles 7-0 Milford, Conn. (Milford Academy) Villanova
6. Rory O'Neil 6-11 Ridgecrest, Calif. (Burroughs HS) USC
7. Deng Gia 6-9 Milford, Conn. (Milford Academy) --
8. Brandon Bender 6-9 Louisville, Ky. (Ballard HS) Louisville
9. Tony Key 6-10 Comtpn, Calif. (Centennial HS) NBA
10. Marcus Campbell 7-0 Albany, Ga. (Westover HS) Mississippi State
11. David Harrison 6-11 Brebtwood, Tenn. (Brentwood Academy) Colorado
12. Rob Little 6-10 Fairfax, Va. (Pope Paul VI HS) Stanford
13. Simplice N'Joya 6-11 Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. (The Masters School) Duquene
14. Michael Southall 6-10 Chatham, Va. (Hargrave Military) --
15. Jordan Collins 6-10 Hyattsville, Md. (Dematha HS) N.C. State
16. Michael Fey 6-11 Olympia, Wash. (Capital HS) UCLA
17. Matt Short 6-11 Yreka, Calif. Oregon
18. Chris Jackson 6-10 Los Alamos, N.M. Utah
19. Will Caudle 6-9 Indianapolis, Ind. (Warren Central HS) Xavier
20. Channing Frye 6-10 Phoenix, Ariz. (St. Mary's HS) Arizona

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