15Blaine Scully, FB
14Taku Ngwenya, W
13Seamus Kelly, C
12Thretton Palamo, C
11Chris Wyles, W
10AJ MacGinty, FH
9Mike Petri, SH
1Eric Fry, P
2Zach Fenoglio, H
3Titi Lamositele, P
4Hayden Smith, L
5Greg Peterson, L
6Al McFarland, FL
7Andrew Durutalo, FL
8Samu Manoa, N8
16Phil Thiel, R
17Olive Kilifi, R
18Chris Baumann, R
19Cam Dolan, R
20Danny Barrett, R
21Shalom Suniula, R
22Folau Niua, R
23Brett Thompson, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Brighton Community Stadium
7:00 AM, September 20, 2015
Attendance: 29,178

Match Commentary

84'Read the full match report here
81'Rob Bartlett in Brighton for ESPN- In the end, there would be no fairytale for the USA. For all of their fight, the Eagles could not replicate Japan's heroics as Samoa proved too strong. Mike Tolkin can take plenty of heart from this performance though - there were glimpses of brilliance, in particular a sublime team-try finished by captain Chris Wyles and an impressive maul try against the front power of the Pacific Islanders. But he will be dismayed by the number of errors his side racked up, especially at critical times. It was these penalties that allowed Samoa to run away with the game, amid some fine individual brilliance from fly-half Tusi Pisi. On this showing, reaching the quarterfinals will be a stretch too far for the USA. Samoa, on the other hand, have given South Africa plenty to ponder after a dramatic weekend in Brighton.
81'16-25 End of second half
80'Full time! A relatively comfortable victory for Samoa in the end while the United States never truly got close enough to challenge the Pacific Islanders. South Africa are up next for Samoa in a game that was monumental implications for qualification from Pool B.
79'Penalty Samoa as the desperate United States hands attempt to steal the ball. We're in to the games final play as the Eagles steal again.
77'In to the final three minutes and the game is all but over. Samoa running down the clock a little as we enter the last few plays of the game.
75'Nanai-Williams again! The Samoans have some exciting playmakers. The diminutive full back threads his way through the United States' defence before an eventual turnover penalty gives MacGinty a chance to clear downfield.
74'16-25 Try - Chris Baumann , United States of America
73'TMO time. What fun for all. The United States burrow towards the line and look to have scored! They have. This game isn't finished quite yet. Chris Baumann, the replacement prop, sneaks over from all of half a metre out. A true prop's try. MacGinty misses the conversion however. Shame for the Eagles.
73'Substitute on - Fa'atoina Autagavaia , Samoa
73'Player substituted - Alesana Tuilagi , Samoa
71'Here come the Eagles in desperation. Thretton Palamo has been their most dangerous runner and he's causing havoc again. Penalty to the United States as Tuilagi is called offside. One final chance?
71'Substitute on - Chris Baumann , United States of America
71'Player substituted - Titi Lamositele , United States of America
71'Substitute on - Olive Kilifi , United States of America
71'Player substituted - Eric Fry , United States of America
70'11-25 Penalty goal - Mike Stanley , Samoa
69'Penalty for Samoa. The United States are pinged for crossing and Mike Stanley slots an excellent kick from the touchline. 25-11 Samoa as we head in to the final ten minutes.
66'Chance for Samoa. Alesana Tuilagi is set free down the left and he flattens Chris Wyles before his offload to Lee-Lo is knocked on. So very nearly for Samoa as they look to shut the down on the Eagles for good.
66'Substitute on - Motu Matu'u , Samoa
66'Player substituted - Ole Avei , Samoa
65'Ngwenya with an electric run! The flyer, who still plies his trade with Biarritz in France, flies past Samoan defenders before an excellent tackle by Perez. The crowd brought back to life.
64'Perhaps unsurprisingly, with the crowd's attention beginning to waver, 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' reverberates around the Amex. Re-set, repeat, re-set, repeat at scrum time for now.
62'Another bustling run from Perez but a forward pass halts the move for Samoa. The second half of the scrum as the game begins to waver just a touch.
60'Kahn Fotuali'i kicks it out on the full once more, beginning to be a running theme with the Samoan half backs. More crushing tackling and now Perez is on the move. Another huge hit! No quarter asked, no quarter given. Scrum Samoa.
59'A lull in play with a series of errors from both sides. The calm before the final storm perhaps? Scrums abound at the minute.
58'Player substituted - Tusi Pisi , Samoa
58'Substitute on - Mike Stanley , Samoa
58'Player substituted - Greg Peterson , United States of America
58'Substitute on - Danny Barrett , United States of America
58'Player substituted - Joe Tekori , Samoa
58'Substitute on - Faifili Levave , Samoa
55'Ngwenya breaks free down the right flank but some excellent tackling from Samoa halts the threatening break. Turnover now as George Clancy pings the United States for hanging on. Chance wasted.
53'11-22 Penalty goal - AJ MacGinty , United States of America
52'Penalty to the United States this time and MacGinty will look to chip away at the lead. Does so and Samoa now lead 22-11.
51'Substitute on - Cam Dolan , United States of America
51'Player substituted - Hayden Smith , United States of America
51'Player substituted - Zach Fenoglio , United States of America
51'Substitute on - Phil Thiel , United States of America
51'Substitute on - Brett Thompson , United States of America
51'Player substituted - Blaine Scully , United States of America
51'Player substituted - Maurie Fa'asavalu , Samoa
51'Substitute on - Alafoti Faosiliva , Samoa
51'Player substituted - Anthony Perenise , Samoa
51'Substitute on - Census Johnston , Samoa
51'8-22 Penalty goal - Tusi Pisi , Samoa
50'Does so with the minimum of fuss. Samoa now lead by two converted tries and the game is slipping away from the United States. Changes for both sides in the front row as the coaches look to freshen their respective packs up.
49'Penalty to Samoa. The United States are penalised for a dangerous tackle and Pisi will once moe have a chance to extend his teams lead.
47'A perfect start to the second half for Samoa, who have another penalty on their own 10 metre line from which they can push forward once more.
46'8-19 Try - Ofisa Treviranus , Samoa
45'TMO time at the AMEX stadium! Samoa score but George Clancy wants to check if they knocked it on in the chaos of the build up. Another chip through from Pisi and Nanai-Williams nearly collects it again. Knocked away by Ngwenya but from the resulting ruck captain Ofisa Treviranus has a simple finish. Pisi hits the post with the conversion attempt. 19-8 to the Pacific Islanders.
44'Solid build up from the Eagles but they dive off their feet at the ruck one more and Samoa will get a platform to launch an attack deep within the States' half.
42'Out on the full once more from Tusi Pisi. Both team's haven't been prolific in the kicking department out of hand thus far.
41'Rob Bartlett in Brighton for ESPN - The scene was set inside two minutes as Thretton Palamo landed a thunderous hit on opposite centre Rey Lee-Lo: USA are here to win, not make friends. The Eagles started slow - too many errors in the breakdown allowed Samoa to rack up early points. Fly-half Tusi Pisi wowed the watchers with a sublime offload early on and was instrumental in the Pacific Islanders' opening try. His beautifully-placed grubber cut the USA backline like melted butter and Tim Nanai-Williams finished with ease - a worry for the men in navy. However, Mike Tolkin's side reacted the way Japan did against South Africa on Saturday. Captain Chris Wyles finished a sublime team move that will no doubt be considered as a contender for try of the tournament. Pisu struck with another penalty shortly before the break, but we're finely poised here in Brighton.
41'+18-14 End of first half
40'The sun continues to shine as the Tusi Pisi gets the second half underway with the match finely poised. And the Americans are on the attack straight away! Thretton Palamo bulldozes his way through but AJ MacGinty runs in to his own player, accidental offside and scrum Samoa.
40'Pisi launches a final cross field kick, claimed by the solid Blaine Scully and the United States launch one final assault. Knock on however and that brings to an end a compelling first half.

Samoa with all of the early running but the United States have grown in to the game as the half wore on. The Pacific Islanders are still the presumptive favourites but the Eagles have proved that they can score from anywhere on the field too.

40'8-14 Start of second half
39'8-14 Penalty goal - Tusi Pisi , Samoa
38'No problem for Pisi and the lead is out to six again. 2 minutes until half time.
37'Another mistake from a number nine, this time Mike Petri who kicks the ball out on the full. Samoa feed to Jack Lam and the maul gets rolling. Penalty advantage however and the Samoans have another simple chance to extend their lead again. Pisi will take the kick.
34'8-11 Try - Chris Wyles , United States of America
33'Try! Absolutely brilliant from the United States. The Eagles turn over a Samoa lineout from within their own 22 and AJ MacGinty breaks. He feeds to Seamus Kelly who cuts back inside to supply an easy finish to Saracens stalwart Chris Wyles. Oustanding finishing. The United States come to life and are back in the game. MacGinty misses but the game is back within 3 points.
31'3-11 Penalty goal - AJ MacGinty , United States of America
30'Finally an attacking platform for the United States and MacGinty makes ground with a dummy switch. Penalty United States and this is the most simple of kicks to get themselves on the board. MacGinty will take the kick but appears to the be feeling the effects of an earlier tackle. No problem however. 11-3.
28'0-11 Penalty goal - Tusi Pisi , Samoa
27'Simple for Pisi and the United States are slipping behind a touch here. Samoa are looking far more dangerous and look like creating every time they touch the ball.
26'Kahn Fotuali'i, Northampton Saints scrum half, does exactly the same as Pisi an the United States have an attacking lineout. Lost however! Flanker Jack Lam breaks in to the United States half but lacks support and the Eagles turn it over. Now a penalty to Samoa in front of the sticks! Not releasing and this should be an easy kick.
24'Alesana Tuilagi crashes through the ten channel, a devastating runner in the midfield and on the crash ball. Pisi then kicks the ball out on the full, the only glitch in an otherwise excellent start by the number 10.
22'Samoa break from deep and are beginning to play some wonderful flowing rugby. From their own 22 to within 15m of the United States line before an inopportune knock on brings a premature end to the move. Exciting from the Pacific Islanders.
20'0-8 Try - Tim Nanai-Williams , Samoa
19'Try Samoa! Massive pressure through repeated carries up the middle before Kahn Fotuali'i switches field. Tusi Pisi prods the ball through and Nanai-Williams is there to dot the ball down for his first international try in his second test. Nanai-Williams is a New Zealand convert and has proved his brilliance constantly on the domestic scene. Pisi misses the kick and Samoa lead 8-0.
17'Tim Nanai-Williams of Super 15 side the Chiefs launches a new assault but again the Eagles clear the ball. Samoa are now beginning to turn the screw however.
16'A chance for Samoa to extend their lead as the United States seal off at the ruck illegally. Pisi lines the shot at goal up again, a little off the left this time. Well shot from the angle. The United States clear.
14'Sloppy from the United States after a high ball and Maurie Fa'asavalu rampages in to the Eagles territory. Samoa fail to make the most of their momentum however and the United States will put in to the scrum after a knock on. Points at a premium early.
11'Alesana Tuilagi absolutely rocks speedster Taku Ngwenya but Samoa are penalised and the USA have an attacking platform, outgoing Northampton Saint Samu Manoa carrying well in midfield. MacGinty probes towards the corner, Ronan O'Gara style and Samoa will have a defensive lineout on their 5 metre line.
9'It seems that Lee-Lo's substitution was only a temporary measure to check his faculties and the inside centre returns to the field.
9'Substitute on - Rey Lee-Lo , Samoa
9'Player substituted - Mike Stanley , Samoa
8'0-3 Penalty goal - Tusi Pisi , Samoa
7'Some brutal his are flying in early doors, hardly surprising given the physical nature of the two sides. The United States fail to roll away and Tusi Pisi will have an early chance to get Samoa on the board from 40 metres out, dead in front of the posts. No problem, Samoa lead by three.
5'Unsurprisingly scrappy and nervous early but Samoa are on the attack with outside centre Paul Perez carrying well. The United States repel the attack and fly half Alan MacGinty clears.
2'It's a head injury for Lee-Lo. Concussion protocol is very much on the table for this World Cup and no risks are taken. Samoa win a penalty at the scrum and will look to assert their dominance early up front.
2'Player substituted - Rey Lee-Lo , Samoa
2'Substitute on - Mike Stanley , Samoa
1'Today's referee George Clancy of Ireland signals for the game to get underway and we're off. The United States recover from their own kick off and are on the attack early. Samoa, as always, will be physical in defence and the Eagles knock on. A feisty start. Rey Lee-Lo of Samoa is injured however, a terrible start to the campaign for the centre, replaced by Mike Stanley.
1'Hello and welcome to the midday sunshine at Brighton's Amex Stadium. After yesterday's astonishing events at this ground, where the Brave Blossoms of Japan defeated rugby giants and two time world champion South Africa 34-32, Pool B has now been blown wide open. Both Samoa and the United States, today's competitors, will be looking to steal an early march in the race to secure qualification to the quarter finals.

As the national anthems get underway and we wait for Samoa's version of the Haka, the Siva tau, it's worth reiterating that the Eagles have never beaten Samoa in any of their four previous tests. A perfect time then to break the trend!
1'0-0 Start of first half

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