15Alivereti Veitokani, FB
14Filipo Nakosi, W
13Semi Radradra, C
12Jale Vatubua, C
11Vereniki Goneva, W
10Josh Matavesi, FH
9Henry Seniloli, SH
1Eroni Mawi, P
2Mesulame Dolokoto, H
3Manasa Saulo, P
4Tevita Ratuva, L
5Api Ratuniyarawa, L
6Dominiko Waqaniburotu, FL
7Mosese Voka, FL
8Leone Nakarawa, N8
16Tuvere Vugakoto, R
17Campese Ma'afu, R
18Lee Roy Atalifo, R
19Tevita Cavubati, R
20Samuel Matavesi, R
21Nikola Matawalu, R
22Ben Volavola, R
23Levani Botia, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
1:15 AM, September 25, 2019

Match Commentary

83'That's all from us this afternoon. We'll leave you with the incredible scenes at Kamaishi Memorial Stadium.
83'Incredible scenes!
83'Unbelievable scenes here in Kamaishi! What an upset for Uruguay and it's their first win at a Rugby World Cup! Uruguay played out of their skin and you see just how much this means to this group, there's tears from players and coaches and hugs all around. What an amazing achievement from this team.
82'Volavola misses!! Uruguay win 30-27!!
81'+127-30 Try - Nikola Matawalu , Fiji
81'+327-30 End of second half
80'It's NO TRY. We're back for a penalty. Fiji go to the scrum. TRY! Matawalu darts over the line and Fiji close the gap.
80'We're going upstairs. If Fiji don't get over here, they've got the advantage. But even with a try they can't win.
79'Penalty and Fiji get their final chance here. Fiji are rumbling through and are a metre from the line.
78'Uruguay's defensive effort has been phenomenal in these dying minutes. Fiji just can't get away from these blue jerseys.
78'Substitute on - Guillermo Pujadas , Uruguay
78'Player substituted - German Kessler , Uruguay
77'Player substituted - Franco Lamanna , Uruguay
77'Substitute on - Ignacio Dotti , Uruguay
76'That was a certain try for Fiji, but Matawalu on his own and some how Uruguay come out unscathed! How has this happened!
76'Fiji go for the quick kick off and Uruguay take possession, they kick down field and Fiji are now in possession in their own half. Less than four minutes here for Fiji to take a lead.
76'22-30 Penalty goal - Felipe Berchesi , Uruguay
75'He's got it!! Uruguay are up 30-22! Courageous stuff here from Uruguay.
74'Penalty Uruguay! They have the perfect chance to push it beyond a converted try. It's been a fantastic effort from this side and you can see how hard it's been on them, several of them blowing hard.
72'So many Uruguayan players on the deck here. Play is still going and they need numbers, because some how they have the ball again! They've had Fiji pinned in their own half for three minutes here and are some how retaining possession despite kicking it away several times.
71'We're into the final 10 minutes and Uruguay miraculously are still up. They're back into Fiji's half -- due to yet another Fiji error -- and have the opportunity to build their lead. But they go for the midfield bomb! They need possession here.
69'Player substituted - Manasa Saulo , Fiji
69'Substitute on - Lee Roy Atalifo , Fiji
69'Player substituted - Tevita Ratuva , Fiji
69'Substitute on - Tevita Cavubati , Fiji
69'Player substituted - Mosese Voka , Fiji
69'Substitute on - Samuel Matavesi , Fiji
69'Substitute on - Tuvere Vugakoto , Fiji
69'Player substituted - Mesulame Dolokoto , Fiji
69'Player substituted - Juan Manuel Cat , Uruguay
69'Substitute on - Tomas Inciarte , Uruguay
69'Substitute on - Franco Lamanna , Uruguay
69'Player substituted - Ignacio Dotti , Uruguay
67'TRY TIME Fiji! That's an important try for Fiji, reserve scrumhalf Nikola Matawalu diving around the side of the breakdown and the gap is closing. The reserves getting the job done for Fiji. No risky passes, and the backline finding some shape. Uruguay may be in some trouble here. Volavola misses and it's 27-22.
67'22-27 Try - Nikola Matawalu , Fiji
64'Pressure building on Fiji and it's causing plenty of mistakes, including now a not straight at the lineout! Fiji decide to go short, but they blatantly pass it back. Luckily Uruguay make a mess of their own lineout and Fiji are back in possession and rumbling downfield.
61'Player substituted - Filipo Nakosi , Fiji
61'Substitute on - Levani Botia , Fiji
61'Player substituted - Eroni Mawi , Fiji
61'Substitute on - Campese Ma'afu , Fiji
61'Player substituted - Gaston Mieres , Uruguay
61'Substitute on - Felipe Etcheverry , Uruguay
61'17-27 Penalty goal - Felipe Berchesi , Uruguay
60'Fifteen phases from Uruguay and they get the penalty. They looked close to a try there, but just couldn't cut through the defence for the final 15m, but the pressure had built on Fiji and uruguary are rewarded with the penalty. Felipe Berchesi converts and it's back out to 10 point deficit!
57'Player substituted - Henry Seniloli , Fiji
57'Substitute on - Nikola Matawalu , Fiji
57'Substitute on - Facundo Gattas , Uruguay
57'Player substituted - Mateo Sanguinetti , Uruguay
57'Substitute on - Agustín Ormaechea , Uruguay
57'Player substituted - Santiago Arata , Uruguay
57'Substitute on - Juan Diego Ormaechea , Uruguay
57'Player substituted - Manuel Diana , Uruguay
56'At last there's a stoppage in play after another Fiji mistake in attack. Uruguay were running out of defenders but some how kill Fiji's attacking run downfield and are rewarded with a not releasing penalty.
55'Both sides just want to keep rumbling here. Fiji make they're way into Uruguay's half before Uruguay steal it, Fiji steal it back and make some moves but a loose pass misses the connection and Uruguay boot it downfield. A questionable pass ends with Uruguay receiving a penalty. They can't convert it and Fiji are now making the most of the ball staying in field and are rumbling up field again! This is like a never ending sevens game!
52'Substitute on - Ben Volavola , Fiji
52'Player substituted - Alivereti Veitokani , Fiji
50'Substitute on - Juan Rombys , Uruguay
50'Player substituted - Diego Arbelo Garcia , Uruguay
48'TRY TIME Fiji! Lock Api Ratuniyarawa rolls over in the tackle and goes over to get the score. Fiji clearly been told to be precious with the ball, stop the offloads when they're not there and it's paid off. They worked hard and they got the reward. The deficit closes 24-17 after the conversion is missed.
48'17-24 Try - Api Ratuniyarawa , Fiji
47'Luckily Uruguay don't take advantage of the wind behind their back and their drop kick only foes short. Fiji string the passes together and are threatening.
46'Fiji with the penalty shot to come away with some points after sitting inside Uruguay's 22 for several minutes, and it's a miss! They'll be disappointed they didn't came away with anything then.
42'So far Fiji suffering the same issues they had in the first. A missed connection butchers a certain try down the left wing, while a knock on at the base of a breakdown and they have to start all over again.
41'And we're back for the second half. Fiji kick off and Uruguay send a midfield bomb. A bit of an aerial battle here to get things going.
41'Substitute on - Juan Manuel Cat , Uruguay
41'Player substituted - Tomas Inciarte , Uruguay
41'12-24 End of first half
40'A lot of questions around Fiji's attitude in this match. There were plenty of expectations that they would blow Uruguay away, but so far it looks like they've been blindsided and aren't too sure how to turn things around. They'll need to step up in the effort areas, or risk a second loss.
40'HT: Well, who would have predicted this! Uruguay are putting everything into this game and it's fantastic. They're pouncing on every Fijian mistake and are making the most of it, putting up a solid lead. Fiji look like they could take this game out, but they're throwing the ball around a bit too much here and it's proving costly. If they return to a simple game plan and work their way down the middle before they send it wide they could take this match out of Uruguay's hands.
40'12-24 Start of second half
38'Uruguay get the penalty and they add the three to make it a 12 point deficit.
38'Substitute on - Tomas Inciarte , Uruguay
38'Player substituted - Juan Manuel Cat , Uruguay
38'12-24 Penalty goal - Felipe Berchesi , Uruguay
36'Uruguay putting on the footwork here. They pushed it over 10 phases -- the first time either side have done that today -- but struggled to find a gap in Fiji's defence. Fiji's big men making it hard for Uruguay's little guys to get through, but we have to stop play due to a head clash.
33'TMO decides - NO TRY. It looks like it's been knocked on by Uruguay and Fiji can breathe a sigh of relief. But they've still got to get out of their 22!
33'TMO decides - NO TRY. It looks like it's been knocked on by Uruguay and Fiji can breathe a sigh of relief. But they've still got to get out of their 22!
33'Have Uruguay stolen a try here! A loose ball is booted downfield and it's a foot race to the ball and it looks like Uruguay may have grounded it!
31'Uruguay has a catchment of only 6000 players and have only just turned professional. So far they're making Fiji work and are playing with plenty of passion.
28'12-21 Conversion - Felipe Berchesi , Uruguay
27'TRY TIME Uruguay! Where did that even come from! Outside centre Juan Manuel Cat runs in from almost 20m out with not a player to touch him. Fiji miss a midfield kick and Uruguay pick up the scraps. The ball moves from the right to the left, and despite some massive hits from Fiji defence, Uruguay keep the ball alive and they find plenty of defenders napping to take a healthy seven point lead.
26'12-19 Try - Juan Manuel Cat , Uruguay
25'Fiji are looking dangerous outwide, they've produced some nice runs down the wing with some great offloads, but this Uruguay defence is stepping up. Some of these smaller blokes are putting their bodies on the line to stop some of these massive Fijians.
23'TRY TIME Uruguay! It's tit-for-tat early on here. It all started at the kick off with Uruguay putting pressure on the clearing kick and securing a lineout just metres out from the line. A strong rolling maul secures a penalty and they go back to a lineout five metres from the line. They go back to the maul and in just two phases flanker Manuel Diana pushes over the line. The conversion is successful and Uruguay is up 14-12.
23'12-14 Conversion - Felipe Berchesi , Uruguay
22'12-12 Try - Manuel Diana , Uruguay
20'12-7 Conversion - Josh Matavesi , Fiji
19'TRY TIME Fiji! And Fiji strike back straight away through prop Eroni Mawi. Uruguay question the decision, Mawi made several moves to jump over the breakdown on the tryline, before he eventually dives around the side of the breakdown while on his knees. But the referee doesn't agree and awards Fiji with the try. The conversion is successful and Fiji are back up 12-7.
19'10-7 Try - Eroni Mawi , Fiji
15'TRY TIME Uruguay! An amazing effort from the scrum half Santiago Erata! The ball flies out the back of a Fiji breakdown and Uruguay's hooker German Kessler pounces on it and provides a beautiful little flick pass from the ground to Arata who dances through one, two then three defenders to fall over the line. He had a lot of work to do to get over the line, and Uruguay have the lead! 5-7.
15'5-7 Conversion - Felipe Berchesi , Uruguay
14'5-5 Try - Santiago Arata , Uruguay
11'Despite a few dropped balls, Uruguay are looking good with the ball. They've produced some nice dynamic runs so far, while their defence has been pretty solid, making some big tackles.
8'TRY TIME Fiji! Very slick from the lineout for Fiji. They set up the lineout five metres from Uruguay's line, the ball goes to the front and look set to go to the rolling maul, but instead it's a nice little flick pass to hooker Mesulame Dolokoto who dots it down in the corner. The conversion goes wide, but it's a nice 5-0 lead.
8'5-0 Try - Mesulame Dolokoto , Fiji
6'Plenty of to-and-fro from both sides. Both teams spreading the ball from side to side and producing some impressive offloads -- especially from Fiji.
3'Uruguay knock on after a beautiful move from the back of the lineout and Fiji dominate the scrum. They make easy metres pushing Uruguay back off the ball and secure the penalty to move into Uruguay's half.
1'We're underway, Uruguay kick off and it goes deep into Fiji territory where they kick it away into touch from within their own 22.
1'Kamaishi, the hosts of this afternoon's game and a rugby-obsessed town, was absolutely devastated just eight years ago when a tsunami ripped through, with over 1000 people left dead. Their journey to recovery and hosting today's match is inspiring. This stadium is placed where the town's primary and high school used to sit, during the tsunami they were washed away. Be sure to find out more about this incredible story here:
1'Hello and welcome to our live commentary of today's only Rugby World Cup match, Fiji vs. Uruguay. This is Uruguay's first match of the tournament so far, while Fiji will be determined to bounce back following Saturday's 39-21 loss to the Wallabies. Fiji got off to a flyer against the Aussies, but fell away late in the game. Today they'll be focused on putting their opening loss behind them and getting a win on the board. Follow us here and send us your thoughts on twitter @espnscrum.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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