Daryl Thomas

A 6-7 forward who balled for The General from 1983-'87, Daryl was a 240-pound physical specimen. He arrived in Bloomington out of high school with McDonald's and Parade All-American honors and even loftier expectations.

Coming in with Steve Alford's class, Thomas was like Alford in a lot of ways. Bright, good in school and polite, he was the kind of person Coach Knight wanted, but unfortunately, not the kind of player. Thomas enjoyed playing ball, but he wasn't driven by it, obsessed with it like Knight, Alford or the rest of the Indiana community and it proved to be his undoing. His personality couldn't handle Knight's verbal barrages - when Coach blasted him to try to make him a better, tougher player, Thomas' psyche cracked.

Daryl Thomas' physical gifts were never in question, though, and after averaging more than 10 points during his Indiana career, he was taken by Sacramento in the 6th round (120th overall) of the 1987 NBA Draft.