World's Sexiest Athletes
Hosted By Molly Sims

Over the past six weeks you cast your votes online, and on Sunday night ESPN revealed the World's Sexiest Athletes in a 2-hour special. If you missed it, you can catch the show this Tuesday (1/30) at 1:30 PM on ESPN, or next Sunday (2/3) at 5 PM on ESPN2.

And without further ado, here are the World's Sexiest Athletes:

10. Tony Gonzalez
9. Andy Roddick
8. Chris Webber
7. Pavel Bure
6. Shane Dorian
5. Helio Castroneves
4. Jason Sehorn
3. Alex Rodriguez
2. Ray Allen
1.Derek Jeter

10. Lokelani McMichael
9. Gabrielle Reece
8. Nikki McCray
7. Fabiola da Silva
6. Tamara Jenkins
5. Tatiana Gregorieva
4. Amy Acuff
3. Jeannette Lee
2. Marion Jones
1. Anna Kournikova