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Friday, January 14
Jamie Salé & David Pelletier - Canada

Jamie Salé
Born: April 21, 1977
Height: 5'1"
Hometown: Red Deer, Alberta
Training Town: St. Leonard, Quebec

David Pelletier
Born: November 22, 1974
Height: 5'10"
Hometown: Lachine, Quebec
Training Town: Lyon, France

Coach: Richard Gauthier and Sylvie Fullum
Choreographer: Lori Nichol

Career highlights

Year Results
1999 Withdrew

Year Results
1999 2nd

Skate America
Year Results
1999 1st

Skate Canada
Year Results
1998 3rd

Nations Cup
Year Results
1999 2nd

Cup of Russia
Year Results
1999 Withdrew

NHK Trophy
Year Results
1998 3rd

  • Jamie and David started the season off with a surprise first-place finish at Skate America in late October, where they defeated World champions Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze.

  • David started skating pairs after his dad convinced him to watch the '88 Olympics on television. He saw Canadians Brasseur and Eisler and was amazed by how far Brasseur flew in the air. He knew then that he wanted to switch over to pairs skating.

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