Eddie Howe waiting for answers over Benteke goal for Liverpool

Eddie Howe has revealed he is still waiting for referees' chief Mike Riley to contact him about Liverpool's goal in Bournemouth's 1-0 Premier League defeat on Monday.

Christian Benteke controversially scored despite, under the updated interpretation of the offside rule, Philippe Coutinho's positioning being such that the striker's goal should have been disallowed.

Bournemouth captain Tommy Elphick also had his header ruled out when referee Craig Pawson judged he had fouled Dejan Lovren in another decision which frustrated Howe, who said that he is still awaiting an explanation.

"No, I've not spoken to anyone yet,'' the Bournemouth manager said. "I've spoken to the PFA and the match delegate but I haven't spoken to anyone from the referees' perspective.

"I have made a call, I'm expecting a call back. Until I speak to Mike [Riley] I don't think it's fair for me to comment. It is a tough job, we know that. The officials have a split second to make a decision so I respect that and the challenge that their job brings.

"From our perspective we felt we were on the wrong end of not just the two big decisions in the game but there were several other little things that went against us.

"[I'm] definitely keen to have a conversation and see their perspective. From my perspective, regarding that law, that is the clearest case of that interpretation that's been changed that you'll see.

"And the fact that hasn't been seen is a huge worry. I'm baffled by it and I was baffled by it at the time.

"I had a really poor view at ground level, [but] I just knew there was something not quite right about the goal, and obviously it proved when I saw the replays. I'm just really surprised it was missed.''