Bournemouth ask Premier League for referee investigation

Bournemouth have asked the Premier League to investigate comments made by referee Jonathan Moss towards the club's players during their 2-1 defeat to Sheffield United on Sunday.

In an interview with the Bournemouth Echo, midfielder Dan Gosling said Moss showed no respect towards players and mocked them about their relegation battle.

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"I thought it was very disrespectful what he was saying," Gosling said.

"It was just the little niggly ones and then the little sarky comments.

"The officials talk about respect at the start of the season and there was zero respect from Jon Moss on Sunday.

"I thought he was a disgrace. The comments that he made especially to me and one other player -- talking about the relegation zone and 'you're still in the relegation zone,' 'you're having one,' 'your team's having one' this and that and it was very, very disrespectful."

Bournemouth are yet to file a formal complaint but have had discussions with the Premier League about the incident.

The defeat on Sunday leaves Bournemouth in 16th place in the Premier League, only two points above the relegation zone.