Club America investigates U17s for mocking chant against gender violence

MEXICO CITY -- Club America is investigating members of its Under-17s team after a video filtered out of players making fun of a choreographed chant and dance designed to raise awareness about gender violence.

America's players appeared to be celebrating in their locker room and mocking the dance, which has gone viral in Latin America, with the club promising a swift investigation into the incident.

"Some players from the Under-17 team danced a piece that has been used to raise awareness about gender violence in different countries," read the America statement. "We'll investigate what happened expeditiously and we will take disciplinary action."

Las Aguilas' statement went on to say that those inside the club will undergo "serious" education in gender violence issues and use of social networks, adding that the club is "profoundly ashamed" about the incident.

America player Omar Lomeli, seen in the video, publicly apologized and wrote that "we know there are no excuses," indicating that he will be attending workshops on women's rights to educate himself about the topic.

The dance -- entitled "Un violador en tu camino" (A rapist in your way) -- originated in Chile last month on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It is a protest at the perceived failure of justice systems to protect women from rape, femicide and the blame culture.

"It wasn't my fault, nor where I was, or how I dressed," goes part of the chant.

The viral dance and chant has since spread to other countries in Latin America and Europe.