Police to fine Anderlecht forward Lukasz Teodorczyk over gesture

Police in Belgium have said Anderlecht forward Lukasz Teodorczyk will be fined for an obscene gesture to Brugge fans before Sunday's Belgian league playoff.

Teodorczyk showed his middle finger to waiting fans as Anderlecht got off their team coach outside Brugge's Jan Breydel Stadium.

Neither Anderlecht nor the Belgian Football Association -- whose match delegate did not mention the incident in his report -- will take any action, but police have said they will despite acknowledging the player had been goaded.

"We know Teodorczyk was provoked and he didn't make the gesture in front of a whole stand," Bruges police chief Dirk Van Nuffel said.

"But he did show his middle finger to fans. There are pictures that prove it. He can expect a fine."

Anderlecht defended their decision not punish their player, with a spokesman saying: "We don't approve of his gesture, which was unacceptable.

"But we take into account the provocation. Sometimes players lose their cool. As for the rest, that's an internal matter."