Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger expects stronger response on doping

LONDON -- Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is hopeful UEFA and FIFA will do more to combat drug use amid the current doping scandal in athletics.

A report by a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) panel has said the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) must have been aware of the full scale of doping in Russia but did nothing to stop it.

In November, Wenger said UEFA "basically accept doping" after the governing body allowed Dinamo Zagreb's Champions League win over Arsenal to stand despite one of their players testing positive after the game.

On Friday, Wenger underlined his belief that football needs to do more to tackle drug use.

"When you are in sport you suffer when you don't win, so at least you want to know that the guy who wins is better than you without cheating," he told a news conference. "And I said many times that we celebrated heroes [in other sports] who were in fact only cheats."

He added: "We have to make sure all together that that doesn't happen. In football for a long time we ignored absolutely doping.

"I have alerted the authorities a few times. I have been interviewed because of that because I spoke in my press conferences against doping, and I will maintain that. I think for a long time maybe we were too neglecting.

"Now I think UEFA and FIFA will tackle the problem really seriously in the coming years."

Meanwhile, Wenger said he does not think the transfer bans that FIFA handed down to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will be enforced and expects the two clubs to be active in the next two windows.

Both Madrid clubs were banned on Thursday from registering new players in the coming two transfer windows after breaking rules related to signing minors.

When asked at his news conference on Friday whether that ruling will increase activity during the remainder of the January window, Wenger said: "I thought a bit like that when I heard that news, but straight away they will appeal.

"The appeal will cancel the ban, and they will be allowed to buy in the next two transfer windows like they did before. That's what will happen."