Arsenal's Arsene Wenger: Barcelona's Luis Enrique went from idiot to hero

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has said Barcelona coach Luis Enrique's change in reputation from "idiot" to "hero" in such a short space of time sums up management today.

Luis Enrique announced at the start of March that he will be leaving his role in charge of Barca when his contract expires in the summer.

The Catalan has since overseen one of the most memorable comebacks of all time, with his side recovering from a 4-0 first-leg loss at Paris Saint-Germain to win 6-5 on aggregate in the Champions League.

"It just sums it up that two weeks ago he was an idiot and everyone said you have to leave, so he said, 'OK, I go.' Today he is a hero. That sums up the job," Wenger said.

Wenger's contract is also due to expire in the summer, and the Gunners boss is under pressure after a 3-1 loss at Liverpool was followed by a 5-1 hammering by Bayern Munich.

Speaking on Thursday ahead of Saturday's FA Cup tie with Lincoln City, Wenger indicated he is not finished in the game yet.

He added: "I feel all right. I feel very strong, very motivated, ready to give my best.

"The love for the game, the passion for football, the passion for the club, the love of the uncertainty. You have to be a little bit of a gambler."

Reflecting on Barca's incredible comeback, Wenger said: "It is interesting on a psychological front. I wanted to see how Barcelona finished the game and in fact they had half given up. I looked more at it from a tactical point of view -- what is going on mentally in the head of the players?

"At the end of the game even when you have been so long in football you sit there and think: 'How could this happen?' You could see that with Paris Saint-Germain, they froze suddenly, players with experience."

Wenger added that he has worked a formula regarding management, but he is not yet ready to divulge it.

He said: "I will give it to you one day. I am sure you will enjoy it. It is an equation about a manager's job."