Arsene Wenger: 'Hostile environment' at Arsenal, top-4 failure 'annoying'

Arsene Wenger said Arsenal were playing in a "hostile environment" at home as they failed to qualify for the Champions League.

Arsenal finished the season with a 3-1 win despite playing with 10 men, but Liverpool's simultaneous victory meant Wenger's side finished one point outside the top four for the first time since he took over the club in 1996.

"It is annoying but we had a spell during the season that was difficult and it was difficult for me in my personal situation," Wenger told Sky Sports after the game.

"We were playing in a hostile environment. The players came back stronger in the last two months and I'm very proud of them for doing that."

Wenger endured widespread criticism for Arsenal's performance this season, with "Wenger Out" banners a common sight at the Emirates, but the manager said he always remained committed to the club.

"I was focused on my job. I am professional. I love this club enough to do my best every single day," he added. "One thing you cannot question is my love for this club. I've turned down every club in the world to stay here."

Wenger also suggested Arsenal's 75 points would have been enough to finish in the top four in previous years, and praised his team's fight after Laurent Koscielny's dismissal.

"It's frustrating. It was down to one point in the end," he said. "The total is decent if you look at it over the years. We did the job until the end. We were remarkable with 10 men today.

"[The red card] was harsh but we have to accept the decision."