Arsene Wenger: Arsenal were 'disastrous' in thrashing at Liverpool

Arsene Wenger said Arsenal's performance in Sunday's 4-0 loss to Liverpool at Anfield had been "absolutely disastrous."

The Gunners were overrun from the start and crumbled to goals from Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Daniel Sturridge.

It was their second straight away defeat after last weekend's 1-0 defeat at Stoke, and Wenger told Sky Sports: "The result is a consequence of our performance -- it wasn't good enough.

"We were beaten everywhere, physically. It was a very disappointing performance... our performance on the day was absolutely disastrous."

But asked to explain the reasons for Arsenal's apparent lack of desire and fight, Wenger said: "It's not right to be become too emotional just after the game, the disappointment is big enough.

"We have to take a little bit of distance with that. There are some reasons behind it, which we have, of course, to analyse.

"But the players go now on international break, and we have to take the consequence of our performance."

In the second half, sections of the away support chanted: "Wenger out," but the manager said: "That's part of the crowd's feeling, of some people.

"If I'm the problem, I'm the problem. I'm sorry.

"But we want our fans as well to be with us when we lose, even in a performance like that. And the only thing we can do is come back and give them another level of performance."

Alexis Sanchez, whose future has been the subject of speculation all summer, made his first appearance of the season but struggled and looked dispirited on the bench after being taken off in the second half.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also started despite reportedly turning down a new contract this week, raising speculation that he could be sold to either Liverpool or Chelsea.

However, Wenger said it was "not the right time" to talk about what could happen before deadline day.

"We think a lot about that," he said. "Just after a performance like that I don't think is the right time to talk about that."